Writing descriptive title and description tags.

Writing the title and description tags for your blog or website is very easy, but some of us never know if we are doing it correctly. I discussed in the key to building website traffic that some users believe the SEO of their website builds their website traffic, when it in fact is the content that builds the traffic and the SEO optimizes the website.

They seem to change their tags frequently in hope of attracting more traffic to their website, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. So, I wrote this article as a way to show people how to write their tags correctly. That way you can determine whether it is the tags or the content of your website that is lacking something.

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I am going to explain briefly with a couple of examples and tips on how you should write the description and title tags for your website.

Writing the title tag.

Writing your title tag is very simple, the easiest way to go about this is by being straight to the point. I am going to use my article designing your first website as the example.

The title of this page is

“Helpful tips on designing your first website”.

I know, it couldn’t be easier right?

Its straight to the point, describes exactly what the page is about and is less than 60 characters. All of your title tags must be exactly 60 characters or less, just one of those rules, be sure to remember it.

The designing your first website article has had the most searches so far out of all of my articles. So I guess I am doing something right with this one.

As you can see writing your title tag is very easy, but here are some key points I personally go by. If you want you could write it down and keep it on your desk.

  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Don’t keyword spam it (add too many keywords)
  • Maximum of 60 characters or less
  • Try to use one keyword only

There you have a simple way of writing your title tags.

Writing your description tags.

Description tags are important and you should try to explain what your page is going to be about in the best way you can, but being brief about it and not as brief as you would be with the title tag.

Again, its not really a difficult task, here is the example:

Designing your first website can be more difficult than you expected, here you can find some basic guidelines to help you design your website.

As you can see its straight to the point again and gives a better description of what information can be found on the page.

I have underlined the keywords included in this description. Two simple words that are not exactly the same but very similar with good placement.

Keyword Placement

This is a must do when filling out your description tags, you need to place your keywords in the description area correctly, don’t include all of your keywords and don’t use the more than once, if you use them more than once change them like I did, “designing your first website”, “designing a website” similar but not exactly the same.

I try to place about 2 or 3 primary keywords in my description tags. Do NOT add keywords that don’t fit in the sentence or make any sense with the description and don’t add more than 3, if you over do it the engines may penalize your website for keyword spamming.

Only use 160 characters or less, I used 142 for this description which is good enough, try not to go over 160 characters it won’t hurt your website, but I find its best to follow the rules.

Here are the key points I try to stick too when filling out my description tags:

  • Be direct and descriptive of the page
  • Use keyword placement, correctly
  • Maximum 160 characters or less
  • Do not be too brief
  • Dont over do it or keyword spam

There you have it, a few tips on helping you write better description and title tags. As you may notice the technique is to keep it simple. I think keeping it simple should be the general motto for web design and development.

Please leave a comment or suggestion if you have anything to discuss, I hope you enjoyed this brief article.

Author: Jake

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