WordPress v Drupal

Drupal and WordPress are two CMS systems that are very different yet both so popular. Now, there isn’t a straight answer on which system is better, because they are both unique in their own ways.

Which one do you use for your own website? Hopefully after reading this article, you may be able to decide which one you are going to use. I will compare them both and let you make a decision based on what you would like to get out of your website.

WordPress V Drupal, Which cms system to use.

Blogging with WordPress

I think we all know that WordPress is focused towards developing a blog. Yes you can build a website with WP, but the main reason I and many others love WordPress is for simple blogging.

WordPress has beautiful features and tools that allow you to set up a blog within minutes. If you are looking to develop a blog like this then there is no doubt you should be using WordPress. I would say it’s the best blogging software on the internet right now.

What I love about WordPress

One of the things I love about WordPress is how easy it is to use on the administrative side. It has to be one of simplest systems I have ever had the pleasure of using, within a couple of hours of using WP I was familiar with how it worked.

It may be easier for those with a web background to quickly grasp the software as I am used to working and updating other types of websites.

If you are new to the web development world, then I would strongly suggest you starting out your first website/blog with WordPress. If you do run into problems with the software, then there is a whole forum community willing to help you out.

Another thing that I love about WordPress are their themes and plugins. They have such a variety of beautifully designed web themes for everyone. Some of them are free and others have a price, but even the free themes are very well designed.

WordPress has a huge list of plugins to enhance your blog and website, social media plugins, drop down menu plugins, SEO plugins and many more.

What I like about WP plugins is, you can actually search for them through the administrative side of your blog/website. I don’t think I have seen this else where, well not in Drupal.

This makes it very easy for people to install plugins for their websites and not having to do it through their FTP client.

Drupal CMS

Drupal is quite the CMS system, you can almost create anything through Drupal. It’s built for complete customization and there aren’t many limitations. However, there are limitations if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s really good for websites that will be using user profiles and giving those users different permission levels. It can also be used to sell downloadable products or develop an online e-commerce store, but these do need some deep customization.

I realize you can use WordPress for this too, but I personally prefer Drupal for the freedom of customization.

There are many more different features for Drupal that would take me hours to write about and some are even too complex to be descriptive about. The only way you can learn about these, is if you install Drupal and learn from trial and error.

Now, I would say Drupal is not as easy to use as WordPress, it is definitely made for a more advanced user. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as like I said before it doesn’t have many limitations.

If you’re a programmer then you could develop modules to do what you like within Drupal, but if you’re not, then you can still find someone or an existing module to do what you would like.

Drupal Themes and Modules

Drupal has some great custom themes too, but I do believe that WordPress is more popular than Drupal. So there are simply less themes than you would find with a WordPress site, but if your familiar with CSS you can choose a blank theme within Drupal to create your own custom design.

Now, Drupal modules are really great, because some of the things you can do with them are amazing. You have to remember that the modules developed, a majority of them are made by 3rd parties. Which basically means they are not all completely stable. I believe it’s the same with WP plugins, but I haven’t run into this problem with WordPress yet.

What I am trying to explain is, some of the Drupal modules react with each other which simply causes your website to malfunction or error in some way. To be safe keep track of all the modules you install and make any necessary fixes. Again though there is a community of Drupal developers that are more than willing to help you out with these problems.

Ok, Are we looking to develop a static website with basic pages? Then you could use either Drupal or WordPress. Drupal being used by a more advanced user.

For a blog? A 100 percent WordPress.

For a website with user profiles, Easily Drupal.

For a website selling downloadable products: Drupal or WordPress (Drupal has more customization)

There are many different types of websites that you might want to develop, if I haven’t made a suggestion here and you have some questions about what system to use for your website, leave me a comment below.

OR you could develop a website using some good old-fashioned notepad coding if you are a true web developer and designer!

Author: Jake

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