15 WordPress Tutorials For Designers and Beginners

As you may know WordPress is easily one of the most popular web platforms on the internet. Powering over 60 million websites online. The best part about WordPress is that it’s an open source platform and very easy for a beginner to use and install. There is a huge demand for WordPress websites and themes and it only keeps growing. Simply because of how user friendly WordPress is to someone who is not so tech savvy. For anyone who is looking to develop WordPress themes and learn more about the spectacular web platform. I’ve put together 15 WordPress tutorials and resources for designers of all skill levels. This way you can get to know the ever changing platform and be able to utilize your skills for potential WordPress web design clients.

1. How To Setup a WordPress Blog

This is my own tutorial that contains, screenshots, videos and more on how to setup your own WordPress blog. It’s a good starting point for any WordPress beginner.

2. How to Code a WordPress 3.0 Theme from Scratch

I’ve had a lot of requests on how to code a WordPress theme. In this tutorial you will learn exactly how to code a WordPress 3.0 theme from the ground up.

3. WordPress Plugin Development from Scratch, Part 1/4: Basic Structure

This is a 4 part series brought to you by 1st web designer. Here you will learn the basics of WordPress plugin development and be able to create your own simple plugin.

4. How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap

The title says it all. Learn how to create your first responsive WordPress theme using the Bootstrap foundation.

5. WordPress Cheat Sheet

Learning all the WordPress codes, tags and syntax isn’t easy. This WordPress cheat sheet is good to have close by when developing a theme or making customizations to the WordPress files.

6. Building Custom WordPress Widgets

Building custom WordPress widgets isn’t a difficult task, but not many people know how to do it. In this tutorial you will be creating custom WordPress widgets for your blog or website.

7. Learning WordPress: Most Useful Tips and Tutorials

This is a jam packed resource for learning WordPress. It contains the most useful tips and tutorials you need to learn about developing for the popular content management system.

8. WordPress Codex Theme Development

One of the best places to start learning theme development is the WordPress codex. The codex literally has everything you need to know about WordPress and how it is built.

9. WordPress Theme Hacks

In this article a simple collection of WordPress theme hacks that you are bound to be using on a regular basis when developing WordPress themes.

10. Designing for WordPress: Part One

Here you will find a series of screen casts on designing for WordPress themes. This screen cast is brought to you by CSS-TRICKS.

11. Creating a Custom WordPress HomePage

Check out this intermediate tutorial for theme developers. Learn how to create your own custom home page using page templates.

12. The Ultimate WordPress Theme Development Glossary

This article is almost as useful as the WordPress codex. Bookmark this page and refer back to it whenever you need information related to WordPress theme development.

13. Improving and Refining Your WordPress Theme Development Process

In this unique article you can find tips and techniques from experienced designers and developers on how to improve and refine your WordPress theme development process.

14. Customize the WordPress Admin Area

The WordPress admin area is a relatively simple administrative interface that allows for anyone to learn it. But you may find some clients do not pick it up as easy. In this guide you can customize the WordPress admin area to make it even more easier for your clients to edit. You can also learn how to style the login page.

15. How to Create a Tab Widget in WordPress

In this tutorial you will be creating a tabbed widget for your website sidebar. Tabbed widgets can help save space, store multiple uses of content and generally look good on a website.

Author: Jake

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