Why You Should Be Using The Elegant Themes Collection

Have you heard of the Elegant Themes subscription?

Ok good, so the Elegant Themes collection is not something that I would consider totally mandatory for ‘every’ web designer. Sure, it has it’s perks and uses, but some people would prefer to do it themselves and that’s fine by me.

However, the main reason I’m writing this is because the company I’m working for has had a success using it and I wanted to share with you how.

After reading this article. You will understand more of why Elegant Themes and WordPress may be the ideal solution for you and your customers. Also how aspiring freelancers and business owners may use the same process to simplify their web development procedures.

A Little About Elegant Themes

I’m going to start with a brief introduction for those who are not familiar with the collection. Elegant themes is a professional theme development business owned by a developer named Nick Roach. Nick specializes in WordPress theme development and creating professional web designs that he distributes through his business (Elegant Themes).

Elegant Themes currently offers a collection of 86 creative premium WordPress themes, available for freelance web designers and developers. There are also 4 premium plugins that come with the developer collection and at a later date I will be conducting a more thorough review on each theme and plugin.

At this time Elegant Themes has over 200,000 customers using the Elegant Themes subscription and it’s only growing from there. They offer their products on a subscription based fee. Starting at $69/year for a single license or $89/year for a development license.


Better Workflow

Elegant Themes is not supposed to create you a better workflow. It’s a subscription to 86 premium themes. That being said, it has helped create me a better workflow. The process I use below has simplified the way I build websites entirely.

It’s created a better workflow by saving time. Time in this business is a very valued asset. Saving time is saving revenue. When using the subscription the “framework” of your website is already ready. It’s literally a matter of the customer choosing the theme they want and you setting it up.

Having a choice of multiple premium themes for our customers to choose from makes your work life much easier. They come in, you show them the theme, they choose the theme and you get to work. You can literally skip the entire proof design process.

After using their subscription I have been able to leave clients satisfied with not only quick turn around times, but with the overall ease of use of both WordPress and a professional Elegant Themes website which makes the company look good and has helped increase business.

The Process

Below you can read the brief list of the steps I take when building websites using WordPress and Elegant Themes.

It’s easy and I feel that anyone could learn how to do it. This process might not be what you’re looking for, but it works for me and allows me to handle my workload effectively.

Like I said, this has not only lead to such quick turn around times and satisfied customers, but I’ve also had many personal referrals to the company because of the results which has ultimately increased sales.

Save You Money & Increase Business

One of my favourite parts to Elegant Themes and I’m not saying this because I want you to sign up, but the price of the subscription is much too cheap.. Which is great for us and I’m sure it is for them. But, seeing as Elegant Themes competitors are charging the exact same price or more for a single theme as opposed to 86 premium themes. I think it’s under priced, but no complaints!

Their prices are:

$69 per year for a single license, $89/year for a developers license or $249 one time fee for lifetime access.

You can compare each plan by visiting the elegant themes comparison chart.

If you are serious about getting signed up I would recommend the developers license as it comes with the 4 premium plugins. Remember that you are always able to cancel with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I’m also going to add that you receive all the latest premium updates for any existing or new themes that they release. There isn’t an additional cost for this which is handy.

Conclusion – should you sign up?

The conclusion is you can decide for yourself whether or not it is worth your investment. Personally, I would not have purchased this subscription without having had the chance to use it, because I was one of those who said “I’ll cut costs and design myself”. Now I’ve been able to use it and experience it myself. I would buy it, even if I wasn’t running a business. I also feel that it is under priced and I would pay more. You can sign up by clicking here.

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Author: Jake

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