Why you should be using social media.

We all know that social media has become a giant obsession over the internet, with literally billions of people all over the world signing up to many different social media websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and much more.

Spending endless hours of time on their social media accounts, chatting to friends, reading content, liking pages, looking for deals, collecting coupons, viewing business pages and whatever else you do on a social media website.

Why you should use social media

So why do you think you should be promoting your business/website through social media? I think the answer is pretty obvious, but to make it a little clearer, I found this amazing video on YouTube about social media revolution, that I am just dying to share with you all.

Be sure to watch this!

As you may have noticed, there are many reasons to why you should be promoting your website through social media, if your selling a product than you have even more of a reason to be using social media.

I really think its crazy not to take full advantage of these social media networks, there are literally billions of people in your back yard. Waiting for you to reach out to them.

Social Media for Peer Recommendations

Ok, so I am no expert on social media, but I am sure you all noticed a certain fact from the video.

“90% of consumers trust peer recommendations”.

If this is true then we need to be making a real good impression through our social media pages.

I think the key here is to make people trust you, be honest with them and of course enlighten them with your top quality designs. Start by designing a creative facebook cover photo.

If you are just starting out like me, then the biggest and hardest task for you is creating your audience. I am constantly working on building my audience everyday just as you should be. My main goal is to create enough unique content to keep my visitors satisfied with my blog, you should start there too.

Selling products through Social Media

For those selling their own products, whether it be an e-book, hardware or software, it is recommended for you to be promoting through social media.

If you want to sell products through social media, again you need to be honest and you need to explain to people why they should buy your product. Don’t assume that they already know why to buy it, give them a pitch and make it different.

Remember that there are a lot of scams out there. Any misleading information about your product will spread and quickly. If it can’t do something they ask, simply tell them it doesn’t.

Ask them questions about their everyday life that could possibly relate to your product or service. Be a genuine person and don’t haul them with your products or services. Nothing worse than someone nagging you to buy something.

Search Engines

Another reason why you should be using social media with your blog or website is because of our beloved search engines. Search engines love websites that are associated with highly active social accounts. I mentioned this in the key to building website traffic.

They now decide your rank through your social media accounts too. Keep your accounts updated, no spamming and you will start seeing results.

Social Media Portfolios

For the freelancers and designers out there, if you have a good portfolio. Distribute it as much as you can through social media. Clearly outline the work is yours and you will start to see more and more people taking an interest in your designs, that is if their good.

Pinterest is a really good place to be uploading your own web and graphic design projects. You will have some serious competition on Pinterest, but if you’re good enough and I believe you are then there is nothing stopping you.

Building social relationships

It is also a good idea to use social media to build customer and visitor relationships. You need that place where you can go to interact with your clients and web visitors. Gives your name a voice too.

You will be able to discuss your products, promotions, new releases and information on whatever your website is doing with your traffic. When distributing links to your current articles, remember not to keep posting like you’re a spammer.

Hopefully these few ideas and the video have convinced you enough to why you should be using social media. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or any other reasons why to you social media.

Author: Jake

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