Why You Should Be Using The Google Plus Social Network

Now some of us believe that the Google Plus Social Network is a ghost town and I suppose it is compared to the Facebook usage. Google plus has 400m+ users and Facebook just reached 1 billion, which is quite the difference.

But does this mean that you should be putting more of your energy into your Facebook page rather than your Google plus account? No it doesn’t, in fact if you own a website or a blog than you should be putting your energy into Google Plus.

Two Types of Social Media

Lets think of Facebook and Google plus as two different types of social media, which they are. Facebook is more of a place where you go to have fun, chat with friends and entertain your audience.

Google Plus on the other hand is more of a place for serious business discussion, giving advice and sharing your work. Two very different types of social media, but both effective in their own ways.

Now, I have a question for you all.

What do you consider to be more important for your blog and business, fun and entertainment or sharing advice and work?

Leave a comment with your answer.

Google Plus Social Network Audience Reach

Why You Should Use Google Plus Social Network

Google Plus allows you to reach your audience in a different way to Facebook. Have you recently set up your Facebook page and had very little interaction and likes to your page from others? Facebook is a great place to market your business, but have you noticed that you already need to have an established business or blog before you even start to receive any likes. It’s very hard to receive likes and an active audience right from the beginning, you really have to work at it.

Yet with Google Plus you can reach out to your audience straight from the gecko and in several ways too. You have hangouts where you can go to meet new people and discuss your business with others. Hangouts are basically video conferences, which are a great way to interact with potential clients and build long lasting business relationships.

Another thing that Google has recently introduced to their social network, is Google Plus communities. Google Plus communities is an excellent way to reach out to fellow designers, developers, photographers and other business people. It’s even a good place to go for resources. Some of these communities have 10,000+ active members that you can market your brand too without searching through other peoples contacts or building an audience. Just request to join their community and join the discussion.

You can provide them with resourceful links to your blog and engage in the conversation with people who are already in your industry. I fell in love with Google Plus as soon as this was introduced, I am literally using it everyday.

Google are always investing and working on ways to improve their social media site. It is only going to keep getting better from here.

When Have You Known Google To Fail?

Lets face it, when Google plus was released not many people were that impressed. Facebook was already a few large steps ahead and Google just wanted a piece of that Social Media action.

Google plus has come along way from when it was first released. It seems like they have invested a lot of time and money to make their social network somewhat impressive and they’re doing a good job of it too! Google is quite the company and when it comes to failure, I am starting to think they don’t take it so lightly.

You can be sure that they are still working on ways to make the Google Plus social network even better and their making it easier and easier for anyone to come in, sign up and engage. Now that’s what social media is about.

I think it’s easy to say that Google plus is just going to get better and better from now on, so it would be wise to sign up right away.

Why It Helps With Your Blog and Website

The answer we have all been waiting for.. Why does Google plus effect your blog or website in a positive way.

One pretty obvious reason is that it belongs to Google the biggest and most popular search engine used on the internet today. You can be sure that they are going to use social signals from Google plus to determine their search engine rankings, why wouldn’t they? It makes life easier for them.

I also read about an experiment on a website that went from 16th place page ranking to 6th place page ranking just because people were hitting the plus button on the website. The Google plus button has been known to have a positive impact on search engine rankings, there have been several experiments online which determine it helps with your website SEO. So use it people!

Whenever you get a chance, make sure to ask your friends and peers to plus 1 your blog or website, encourage your blog readers to plus one too. If you are not using Google Plus then my advice to you is join now or lose out on a potential traffic gaining technique. It’s that simple.

Oh I almost forgot, would you mind plus +1’ing my blog for this article, thank you! 🙂 OR check us out on Google +

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Author: Jake

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