Why Building An Email List Is The Key To Your Success

It’s amazing how under rated building an email list is. A majority of web owners focus too much on selling their products and directing people to “in your face” landing pages as oppose to providing value to their frequent readers and website traffic. Ultimately everyone’s main goal is to make money online, but this can not be achieved without a potential, willing to purchase audience.

Did you know that most people will never buy a product from a business or a website on there first visit. People tend to take an interest before making a purchase, by following on twitter, liking on Facebook and joining email lists. Long story short, people buy products from companies and people that they can trust.

Now as someone who is new to the industry, your audience will need to trust you, and for you to gain their trust you simply need to provide them with value. You also need to provide this value as consistently as you can. You do this with your content and of course your #1 marketing tool, your email list.

The people that subscribe to your email list are so important to your success. Why? Because these are the people that would actually consider purchasing from you or buying one of your recommended products.

They trust your advice, they like or even love your content and they want more because they signed up to your email list. For you not to take advantage of this would be a huge mistake!

Now, How Do I Build An Email List?

Building an email list is of course the hardest part, but when you’re providing high quality content and top resources. You will gradually start to build a flock of frequent readers and your email list will keep growing and growing.

Building an Email List With MailChimp

To create this email list you will need a basic subscription form. Most content management systems will have plugins that you can use to display a subscribe form. If you’re not using a CMS then you may want to sign up to MailChimp. MailChimp will provide you with a custom subscription box for your website.

If you own a WordPress blog then you may want to take a look at these free newsletter plugins and subscribe widgets. Eventually you should consider switching to a premium newsletter manager, as they can provide you with much more value for your email newsletter. For now lets stick to a free newsletter manager until you have built a good list of subscribers.

I Have a Subscribe Form, But Nobody Is Subscribing?

First thing, don’t worry, your content is probably good enough and maybe you just need to produce more of it. Just keep writing and publishing your articles, they will get better as your skills grow.

Here are two reasons as to why you may not be receiving any subscribers.

Number 1: It’s just too early of a stage for you to receive subscribers. I would say at least 5 to 6 months of being online before you receive any subscribers, as your traffic will need to grow. That being said you could still gain subscribers at an early stage as long as you’re providing high quality content.

Number 2. You’re featuring your subscribe form in all the wrong places.

These are the two of the most common reasons as to why you are not receiving subscribers on your blog. As long as you consistently provide quality content, you will gradually gain subscribers, just give it time for your blog to get recognized.

Where to Feature Your Subscribe Form

Now there are many places where you can feature your subscribe form or widget. You want to add your subscribe form in an area that captures your audiences attention and makes it a convenient place for them to sign up.

You don’t want to tick your audience off by shoving subscribe forms in their faces. I don’t know about you guys, but those light box, pop up subscribe forms don’t do it for me. I immediately close them and refuse to sign up. I am also not a big fan of using peoples email addresses that have commented on my blog.

I have heard a few stories where blog owners use both these methods and for some of them it has worked out great. But I feel that the odds are too much against you, sure the pop up subscribe form isn’t that bad, but it does irritate a lot of people and personally I’d rather not lose those valued readers.

I would NOT recommend you automatically signing up users as they comment! If they want to subscribe then they will, if they don’t, leave them alone! Your blog will quickly lose its reputation and you will not gain any credibility.

From personal experience I believe the best place to feature your subscribe form is directly underneath your blog posts.

Why is underneath your posts the best place to feature your subscribe form?

When I added my subscribe form underneath my blog posts I had a drastic increase of subscribers on the very first day! Now I am receiving more and more subscribers each week, sure I don’t have thousands, but it keeps on growing and that is what matters the most.

Also if the user has read the whole article and is happy with the content then they are more likely to subscribe at the end of each article as oppose to scrolling back up the page to subscribe. You need to capture that moment, impress them with your content and then grab their email address at the earliest opportunity. They almost subscribe on impulse.

Plus the fact that before I added my subscribe widget under my posts, I wasn’t receiving any subscribers.

Incentives and What You Can Offer

Using incentives to attract more subscribers to your email list is a very effective technique. Everybody loves something free. Here are 4 things that you can use as incentives for your email newsletter.

  • Free e-book
  • Gift vouchers
  • Deals and discounts
  • Video Packages

The point here is to offer them something that they will only receive in exchange for being subscribed to your email list. It needs to be exclusive and please make sure that you can follow through with your promises. If you offer a free e-book, immediately provide them with that free e-book or it’s not going to impress anyone!

I would also recommend writing a brief description above your subscribe form, clearly labeling what you have to offer with your newsletter.

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Author: Jake

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