Where to find inspiration for your website designs.

Do you ever struggle to find inspiration for a web/graphic design project you have? Can’t figure out exactly what it is you want to design? I do, and I know a few others who feel the same way.

Some days you just lack inspiration completely, yet other days you can’t stop your creative thoughts from falling in. It’s just one of those things.

Where do you get your inspiration from

So where do we go for inspiration? I guess inspiration can come from anything, but I’m personally inspired by so many different things that I can’t even begin to write all of them.

I do however, have some suggestions and ideas that could help you to become more inspired when you need to be.

Resources, resources and more resources.

There is nothing better than having a big bag of ideas. If I see something I like, a graphic, video or some text that impresses me. I save it, and put it in a folder on my desktop.

It’s really handy having a place to go to search for ideas, topics or design inspirations. I look through the folder and take ideas from different elements and put them into one, making it my own.

This is just a personal method I like to use. You should try creating your own resource folder and see if it works for you.

Finding inspiration for your designs

Stock Photography

If you read designing a Facebook cover image then you will see that a good way to get inspiration is from stock photography.

I find that stock image websites are a very effective place for me to go to become inspired. Looking at all the beautiful landscapes and custom-made graphics that people have found or made, never fails to inspire me.

I am always searching through stock photography to see what I could add to an image to use as my own. I feel it gives your designs that extra professional feeling with an attractive stock image.

Click here to visit my favorite royalty free image website.

Stock photography for inspiration

Inspired from other web designs.

There are millions of many well designed websites for you to see. I try my best to visit as many different types of websites as I can each day.

I also look at sites that are advertised through my everyday life. Yesterday I noticed a website on the back of some tortilla chips and had to go have a look.

These websites don’t necessarily have to be related to web design, I simply look at them to create new ideas and see how well designed they are.

You should really start making a habit of this. Every domain you notice, go visit it, especially the major brands as they tend to hire some of the top designers for their projects.

It is also very handy to have a cell phone with internet access, to visit websites you see whilst on the road.

Now, if you find a website design you like, don’t copy it completely. What you should do is put together different elements, from different websites, into one single design. Giving it a completely brand new look and unique design for your project.

Inspiration graphic

Pinterest for inspiration.

If you are not using Pinterest and you’re a designer. Your missing out, there are some excellent resources available on Pinterest to help keep you inspired.

I would suggest signing up right away. You will find some extremely talented designers on Pinterest that are sharing their work with you for free and some of their designs are quite amazing.

Once you get invited, select the categories your most interested in. Then you will see a pinning board feed with web and non web related things that will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration.

You can also do specific searches for example: “e-commerce web design” to focus on specific niches of inspiring designs.

I am beginning to use Pinterest more often each day as I search for new and interesting ideas to add to my blog and even different things to write about.

Pinterest for inspiration

So, there you have 4 quick places to go to find inspiration from, if you can’t find inspiration from these suggestions then there may be something wrong with you. Just kidding, I’m sure you can find inspiration somewhere.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or some different ways of how you get inspired.

Author: Jake

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