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OK, so you think you have yourself a lead, a potential client called asking “How much does it cost to build a website?” or “How much will this type of website cost?”. You then sent them a questionnaire or asked them for more information about their project and to provide you with precise project specifications. You have then informed them that you are going to analyze the information they have provided and send them a web design proposal in the next few days.

The all important details you provide them with next, are imperative to the success of whether or not you will receive this website project. Customers want details and the more you provide them with, the better. After all they want to know what they are going to be paying for.

That’s where these proposal resources come in. In this article you can find information on preparing a web design proposal. You can also find some proposal templates and professional proposal software that can help prepare your quotes and help you capture more sales.

Guidelines to Writing a Web Design Proposal

Want to know how to write a web design proposal?

In this informative article you can find some quality guidelines for you to follow in order to write a successful web design proposal.

How to Write a Web Design Proposal

Another “how to article” providing you with quality guidelines on writing a successful proposal. Also trying to point you to sign up with Bidsketch. Which I must add is a very comprehensive and professional proposal software that you should consider signing up to. You can also sign up their newsletter and receive some free proposal templates and examples.

7 Tips For Writing A Winning Web Design Proposal

Here you can find a brief but informative article with 7 useful tips on writing a web design proposal.

Stop Writing Project Proposals

This article is a very interesting read. Jonathan Wold explains why he stopped writing project proposals and turned to an alternative. It seems to have worked for him and it may for you. So if you’re interested in hearing a different perspective on web design proposals give this article a read.

Tools and Templates

Had enough with information and want some useful web design proposal tools and templates? Below you can find, web design proposal software and some useful proposal templates.

Bidsketch Proposal Software

Bidsketch is a great proposal software solution. Bidsketch allows you to create professional proposals in a timely manner. Start out with the trial version and if you have the money to invest in their monthly payment plan. I would highly recommend it.

Professional Web Design Proposal Template

In this article you can find a well planned, professional web design proposal template. Available for free to download. This proposal template was developed by Noam Design.

The proposal outlines things such as:

  • Preliminary research
  • Strategic planning
  • SEO, web promotion
  • Web Design
  • Front end programming
  • Server side development and much more

Sample Web Design Contract, Budget, Timeline & Proposal

This contains several proposal solutions. Some example proposal documents and there is also a downloadable sample web design contract. I must also mention that this article was written by the developer of QuoteRobot another simple, professional proposal software.

Quote Robot

The Quote Robot proposal software generates professionally designed, winning proposals using their slick, simple proposal software. Try it for free for 30 days, and then sign up to their payed plan if you are able to. I know it’s a paid option, but very worth the investment.

Now you have some quick and easy web design proposal solutions. Thanks for reading!

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Author: Jake

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