Using Article Promotion To Increase Your Traffic.

It’s all well and good if you’re producing tons of content for your blog. However, if you’re not using article promotion to expose your blog to its audience then you’re missing out on potential readers and subscribers.

I’m sure some of your articles may be getting searched through Google, and your Google traffic will eventually become your main source of traffic. This also takes time and you’re often playing a waiting game with the search engines. Sometimes you will be waiting more than 6 months before you even start to see a considerably good amount of traffic.

That is why you need to take matters into your own hands. There are many other places for you to attract new readers to your blog and expose it to its potential audience. To rely only on your content is madness! One day you will have enough traffic solely from the search engines, but at these early stages you need to market your blog like there is no tomorrow!

In this article I am going to provide you with the process I take, each time I publish a new article. I will also explain how I received over a 1,000 extra visitors to my blog from one source, in one day and with only one article.

Article Promotion To Increase Your Traffic

Wrote Your Article, Published Your Article, Now Expose It!

Once you have wrote and published your article your next priority should be exposing it to as many people as you can. To do this you need to turn to some of the top resourceful websites online.

There are so many different methods of gaining attention to your articles. It literally would be never ending for me to list every single one of them. The key to all of this is finding your own technique.

What makes your articles and your advice unique to your competition?

How are you going to approach promoting your articles?

Being unique is something you must figure out by yourself. Test out different ways of promoting your articles and see which methods work best for you. I’ll show you my very simple but effective technique and by all means try it out for yourself. Always remember that the key to successful article promotion is being unique and providing your own value in a way no one else can.

My strategy is very simple and involves social media, submitting to web related news sites and just trying to be a valuable resource for my awesome readers.

Content Submission Resources

Back in February I wrote an article with 10 websites to help promote your blog. If you haven’t read it yet, go take a look.

These are all websites you could use to submit your web related content too. Expose it to an already established audience. Well I’m still using these methods plus more social media.

If you want full exposure then use as many of the 10 promotional websites as you can. Try not to spam, submit the article once and only once. You will soon lose your credibility if people think your re-submitting your articles and spamming.

Where I Received 1,000 Unique Visitors From

One of my latest articles 20 Useful and Awesome HTML5 Tutorials received 1,022 unique visitors all from Google plus, and in one night. Yes it has something to do with the content and the demand for these types of tutorials online, but it just goes to show that if you submit your article in the right place at the right time it can go viral.

It is still the highest visited article on my blog and brings me a majority of my traffic. I used Google Plus communities to gain this traffic. I submitted my article to two communities. However, I didn’t just submit links to these communities. I was a member of them for a while and I always played my part in each community. I try to be a resource and provide value to the readers. I also try my best not to be someone who just wants their traffic. Many communities will actually block and delete you if you bombard them with links. So providing valuable resources to them is essential, as they are your target audience.

Some are very small communities and some have over 50,000+ members.

What if I didn’t submit my article to those communities?

Would I still have the same traffic today? I honestly don’t think so. I may not have had the drastic increase to my blog traffic, and my traffic in general might have been lower. You also have to remember that Google uses social signals from your social media activity to determine your page ranks. So I am guessing that the article I submitted to Google plus probably had a huge impact on my blogs general traffic and search engine traffic.

My article was shared that much that I received these 1000+ visitors from other peoples circles and all in one night! Sure to the big blogs that’s nothing, but for me it was quite the achievement and I have only been online for 6 months.

Why are using these communities so beneficial to your blog?

It’s pretty obvious why! It’s your target audience all located in the same place, and they want your web resources..

Your Website Design Google Plus Community

This is a community I recently started called Your Website Design. Feel free to submit your web design links and showcase your portfolio. As of now it contains 65+ web designers, developers and graphic designers.. Please feel free to join in and share with us. Invite your own web friends too.

I now submit my related content whenever I can, providing value to my readers and no spam. I also spend a fair amount of time submitting my articles to other web development websites such as DesignBump which is really starting to pick up and send me good amounts of traffic to my blog.

I would say that half of my traffic and readers are coming from social media resources and promotional websites.

You also have to remember that if your blog is receiving numerous amounts of positive feedback and shares from other social websites. It will only help you gain credibility and rank your blog higher with the major search engines. Therefore, attracting more and more new readers and possibly customers.

The Resources I’m Using

Here is a list of the websites and social media sites I use on a daily basis and submit my content too. I have also started experimenting with a few new resources such as chime in which you can find in my 10 promotional blogs article.

  • Design Bump, I always submit to DesignBump and like I said I’m starting to receive much more traffic from the latest version of their website.
  • The Web Blend is my second resource for web related content which helps me receive links back to my blogs and gain more readers.
  • StumbleUpon – I don’t actually receive that much traffic from StumbleUpon as it is has such a broad audience, but every little helps and I am receiving more and more extra visitors each month. I submit every article I write just to see if I can grab someones attention.
  • Google Plus as you know is my top resource for submitting content too. I have gained more valued readers and subscribers from G Plus than any other resource.
  • Facebook – Sure Facebook sends me a moderate amount of traffic, but surprisingly I haven’t received as much as I would of hoped for. Maybe it’s because the audience for Facebook is such a broad audience and it’s harder to reach out to a specific niche without receiving a number of likes to your business page. I’m sure this will grow as the likes do on my fan page. I still submit my content and try my best to keep it updated.
  • Twitter – just recently my twitter page has really picked up and started to send me good amounts of traffic each day from others tweeting and sharing my posts.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is not sending me much traffic, but I do get the odd visitor from there and it is also a good place to showcase a portfolio if you have one.
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Author: Jake

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