Top 10 Articles On How You Can Get More Clients

How often do you think about how to get more clients to your business? Honestly, how many times? I don’t know about you, but I’m over obsessed with it. I think I’ve searched the exact same phrase at least 20 times this month. Why? Because if you knew exactly how to keep getting repetitive business everyone would want to be your friend 🙂 . Knowing how to increase business and land clients is one of the biggest demands in most industries today.

You can be the most talented designer in the world, but it’s completely useless without steady cash flow and increasing business. Cash flow is another story, but generating more leads to your business is a popular spoken topic all over the internet. The web design industry is an extremely competitive niche and landing more clients to your business should definitely be a priority.

We all need that extra little bit of guidance, despite our skill level. Waiting for business to come to you is a myth and most of us know that it doesn’t work like that, unless you’ve already established a large client list. Below are 10 resourceful how to articles on getting more web design clients to your business. In these articles you can find both offline and online strategies to landing more clients.

Defining Your Target Audience

The first step is defining your target audience, below you can find some quick links to articles that explain defining your target audience and how narrowing down your niche may be a better approach. These articles are more general and not just for web design, but they still apply.

How to Define Your Target Market
How to Identify Your Target Market – For Dummies
10 Questions to Ask Before Determining Your Target Market

Get More Clients with Social Psychology Tips

This is a very interesting article, it’s written by Darren at 1stwebdesigner. It’s quite unique as it explains how you can get more clients using social psychology tips and different persuasion techniques. He also speaks about what not to do which is sometimes better than knowing what to do.


5 More Tips To Landing Design Projects

Learn 5 more tips to getting design projects. This article is from the Hongkiat design blog. These are 5 simple steps that can help you land more design projects. Things such as improving your skill set, using advertising to bring in more business and so on.


6 Killer Tips For More Web Design Clients

Another unique read. In this article Brendon shares 6 killer tips to get more web design clients. He explains things like how “getting in to bed with someone else” (partnering with another business) helps increase his business. He also shares tips such as social skills, pay per click advertising and other methods that have helped him get more web design clients.


Web design: how to get clients (6 powerful methods)

In this article Belle Beth Cooper shares with you some powerful methods to bringing in more clients. These are again simple methods to getting clients which are often overlooked. Start simple and then move onto to more exciting ways of increasing your business and client list.

How To Find Web Design Clients

A popular article from This article shares some simple and smart strategies to finding more web design clients. Things such as networking, following up with old leads and more. It’s the very simple things that you should be doing in order to attract more business.


5 Things Web Designers Can Do To Land More Clients and Build a Successful Web Design Business

This is one of my favourite “how to” articles. In this article from Joomla Shack John Flannagan explains how he used to get web design clients yet his buddies who were also talented designers (apparently more than him) couldn’t get the clients he was getting. Despite their skill set. It all came down to the point I mentioned earlier, you could be the most talented designer in the world, but it’s useless without clients and making sales.


Useful Tips To Get New Web Design Clients

As web designers it’s hard not to focus only on your online marketing. In this article Sarita from Speckyboy shares more than promoting online and more on different offline strategies to use for your web design business.


8 Marketing Tips to Help You Get More Clients

This is an interesting article from the Bourn Creative blog. Here you will find 8 marketing tips that will help you get more business. This is more of a broad marketing article, but one of the key points in this post is that you cannot sit behind your computer in hope that you will bring in more business.

The Fastest Way To Find New Customers

In this post from It looks at more than how to get clients, but the effective ways to find your target audience. Defining your target audience is just as important as closing the sale.

Entrepreneur Marketing

This isn’t a single article. It’s a section full of resources from It’s packed with useful marketing guides and different ways to promote your business. From social media to video marketing, if you are ever looking for marketing tips and advice this is a well known resource that can really help with articles written by different professionals.

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