The Website Basics.

You’re here because you want to start your own website or blog. If you know nothing about how to develop a website then this article will hopefully direct you down the right path.

This is targeted towards those who are very new to developing a website and are learning those all important first steps.

Basically, there are two simple things that you will need in order to get started.

Choosing your website hosting provider.

The Domain Name.

The domain name is the URL of your website or blog, for example: is the URL for this blog. You will need your own unique domain name to start your website. You can read more on choosing the perfect domain name here.

When you register your domain name, it is recommended that you include your primary niche keyword within your name. If you already have an existing business or company then you will be registering that name.

Registering your domain name is very easy, find a domain registrar and register your name. Don’t waste time, just get it done. The first name that comes to your mind is probably the best name for your website or blog. I spent a couple of months choosing my first domain name, going back and forth from different names, it turned out the name I thought of first was the name that I liked the most.

There are many domain registrars about, look around and reserve your name. Try not to spend too much time choosing a domain registrar as you can always transfer if you’re unhappy. I have been recently using, they’re trustworthy and reasonably priced.

Finding a website hosting provider.

Now I wouldn’t say finding a web host is difficult, but I always suggest, no matter what people tell you, do your own research. Other people could have totally different expectations to what you have, so its best to take matters into your own hands.

Web hosting is basically some web servers that host your website on the internet. For any website to be live on the net it will require a hosting package. There are free hosts but I would definitely not recommend them. You can also purchase your own servers, if you plan to sell hosting in the future.

There isn’t a way to avoid purchasing a web hosting package, if your serious about your website then I would get setup as soon as possible. You can go to free hosting websites, but you will have no customization and will not attract much traffic at all. In fact I have never heard of any free hosting websites to be successful.

Which Hosting Company Do I Choose?

Yes, there are many hosting companies for you to choose from. Who do you choose to host your website? Well, it would take me a long time to review each hosting company so I am going to suggest my current hosting company, Hostgator.

Despite some of their negative reviews, HostGators hosting plans have worked out great for me. I have had no downtime, a couple of problems but great customer service. They also have reasonably good prices and cheap domain names, the first year domain name is completely free.

I would recommend HostGator to anyone who is just getting started in the web industry. If you are looking for a host that can teach you online marketing and how to develop a website then you might be looking for something more like SiteBuildIt. I will be featuring this company in a review in one of my later articles.

If you decide that you are not going to use Host Gator then I would suggest finding a web host that uses “cPanel”. Cpanel is your administrative control panel. “cPanel” has the best admin interface and functionality than any other hosting panel (in my opinion), I would say that Cpanel is a must have for any hosting package.

I have used a crappy control panel before with some older hosts and it doesn’t  compare to cPanel.

By the way, I do not receive a commission from any of these companies. I am merely giving you my opinion and trying to help you make the right decision based on my experiences. I hope those of you that are just starting out have found this article helpful.

Author: Jake

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