The Biggest Misconception To Developing a Website

We’ve all had those clients who expect the world, and we’ve all had those that think on the first day of their website launch they are going to have thousands of customers flocking in, knocking at their door asking them to work for them. I don’t know why so many people are so deluded with this misconception. Building a website is one thing, but building a successful website is a job in itself. If it were as easy as throwing up a website and getting sales. We’d all be rich.

I know a majority of you reading this are already aware of the fact. So today I’m going to tell you how you can push your customers in the right direction after you’ve built them a website, and a simple solution for your clients to avoid this silly misconception.

So what’s the solution?

You may not like this, but there is only 1 solution to this huge misconception and that’s telling them the COLD hard truth.

Don’t worry about it jeopardizing your sale, because they’ll probably appreciate the fact that you’re being honest with them. It would be way worse if you let them believe that they’re going to have hundreds of new customers after the launch day. The key is how you tell them. Don’t start the conversation with, “when this is built you’re probably not going to get any business for a while”. It’s better to address the problem then reassure them with a solution. For example:

“Now I don’t want to be misleading, but when you first launch your website you’re not going to see instant results, the key to a successful website is marketing it and the value within its content.” From this point you should go on to explain how unique content is one of the key factors to a website, and how frequently blogging is a great way to bring in new customers and increase your page rank.

You could also say something like “For more immediate results, you might want to try PPC advertising like Google Adwords..” but sound less like a robot.

Anyway, once you’ve cleared the air I want you to show them this next part.

“Building a website, after you’ve built a website”

You have your website developed, now what? How do you get customers? How do you build traffic?

Do Us All a Favour And Start a Blog

Start a blog and update it as frequently as you can. This is the single biggest factor to “building a website, after you’ve built a website, without a blog, you can’t expect to see decent results.

What’s the matter? Afraid of writing? Not to worry, I’m a terrible writer, but I’m still doing it. Go back to some of my older posts some of them are horrendous, but you have to start somewhere.

Just like anything, practice makes perfect and no one said you have to be J.K rowling to write your own blog. After all it’s a blog, not a legal document. Say what you want and let the world hear your voice.

Write a blog post as often as you can, and make it valuable to your readers, and within your niche. We all have something we can teach it’s just finding out what that something is.

Why is writing a blog so important?

I’ll keep this short. Content is the key to how successful your website is going to be. I don’t care what anyone else tells you. It’s the primary factor to the traffic your website will get. Create your voice and promote your products. Its that simple, no short cuts.

Unless you have something that’s going viral the only way you’re going to see any “major” results from your website is if you have the traffic, and you get traffic with unique content.

This is a long term goal not an over night task.

No one said it would happen over night and they also didn’t say it would happen after 10 articles. Think big, more like 100+ articles before you see real results. It takes months for people to start recognizing your content. It may even take longer that that, but trust me, you need to keep going. There are plenty of times I’ve wanted to stop, but I keep thinking what if I wrote a 100 more posts where would I be?

Don’t make the mistake of providing too much free information

Here’s what I did wrong, I focused so much on the content of my blog that I left out the part of monetizing (ways to earn) it. Even though I was getting loads of traffic, I didn’t get the sales and that’s because I didn’t have any call to actions or products to sell.

So before you go ahead with writing your blog make sure you have a plan. Figure out how you’re going to be able to up sell your products to your audience, and what are your long term goals. Don’t think numbers, think results.

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Author: Jake

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