The 3 in 1 WordPress Cheat Sheet from Hostinger.

WordPress Cheat Sheet (3 In 1)

WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress – a content management system used by web developers and regular bloggers all around the world. WordPress offers plenty of free and paid themes and plug-ins to play with. However if you want to become a WordPress developer, you need to have knowledge of tags and functions.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to recall all WP tags and functions. And, this problem doesn’t apply to regular bloggers who don’t know much about coding. Even the most advanced and professional programmers often have a hard time implementing one or another WordPress function.

That’s when a WordPress Cheat Sheet comes handy. It saves time, efforts, and energy by lending a helping hand.

This 3 in 1 WordPress cheat sheet which was created by Hostinger contains all sorts of tags and basic information that any WordPress user will find handy and useful.M.o<

The cheat sheet is divided into 3 categories:

WP-CLI cheat sheet

WP CLI is a command line interface for WordPress. WP CLI commands can sound confusing to anyone. This cheat sheet comes as a valuable tool in ensuring strong footing in using WP-CLI commands.

WP developer cheat sheet

This cheat sheet contains all the tags and functions that are essential for proper WordPress theme customization or creation. Both bloggers and developers should find it extremely useful.

WordPress keyboard shortcuts

Consider this as a bonus sheet. Keyboard shortcuts are always time-saving that eliminate the need of going through multiple steps.

Click here to download this 3 in 1 WP cheat sheet.

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