The latest purchase.. The Salient responsive premium theme. I know that I’m always bragging about the themes I choose, but I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve had surprising experiences with the premium themes I’ve selected so far. Surprising in the sense that I didn’t realize how much potential these premium themes had until I tried them myself.

If you work full time and have a ton of side projects. You are more likely to relate to the value of these premium themes as I have. I used to have that DIY attitude, but buying a theme now. I feel like I’m saving money compared to the time I would spend building these websites. Especially to this standard. Just keep that in mind when you’re contemplating making a decision.

Cost And Reason For Purchase.

The salient theme was $55, but very well worth it. The main reason I purchased Salient, was based on it’s general layout and that it was woocommerce compatible, nothing more. These were the key things I was looking for in my “chosen” theme. I spent about about an hour looking for the right theme and Salient amongst 2 others were on my choice list. It didn’t take much to make the decision, as soon as I saw that it had 15,000+ sales. I figured they must be doing something right.

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What Else Do You Get With Salient

Salient is an all in one, multi purpose premium theme. Utilizing both responsive, and a conversion focused design. It’s one of the many themes that uses it’s own layout builder and short codes to help enhance your web design, and to create a pleasant user experience.

One of my favourite elements to the Salient theme, is a large header slider and hero unit that can be used for each and every page. This unit is an ideal way to make every page stand out with it’s own unique header. There are also many other features that come with the salient theme including different parallax animations for each web element in your page layout. Just toggle them on and off using the page builder.

Here is a brief list of some of the features that come with the salient theme.

  • Featured video slider and header element
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Parallax Animations
  • Responsive web design
  • Theme options admin panel
  • Multiple colours and layouts
  • Parallax design supported
  • Video tutorial series
  • PDF documentation
  • Custom salient theme options

What would I change about this theme?

Overall the salient theme is an impressive theme. The one thing I would probably change is the admin panel. I would change it in the sense I would like to see more options in this area. Options that could be easily toggled on and off with the click of a button. Other than that, it’s a well built theme.

Take a look at the theme page, live demo, and be the judge for yourself.

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Author: Jake

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