A couple of months ago I purchased my first ever premium WordPress theme. It happened to be a WordPress theme from themeforest known as Enfold, built by a developer named Kreisi. I have been meaning to write this premium WordPress theme review for a while now, so I figured what better time to write it then right now!

I basically purchased this WordPress theme to use for one of my most recent clients website, a solar panel installation business located in Los Angeles, California.

The basic concept of this review is to provide you all with a quick, affordable all in one WordPress theme solution.

Note: There are affiliate links featured throughout this article. If you do not like the idea of purchasing through an affiliate link then go direct to the themeforest website. Please also note that I only endorse products that I believe have a high value.

How Does A Premium WordPress Theme Become a Solution?

Enfold Premium WordPress Theme

Picture this scenario:

You need a high end website built and up and running as soon as possible. You need it for a demanding client who has literally said “I need a website up now”.

The first thing that comes to your mind is I don’t want to the lose the work, so you immediately take on the rush project despite having many other websites to finish (in the perfect world).

The ideal solution would be to take $50 from the amount you quoted and put that money into a small investment. This small investment being a premium WordPress theme such as Enfold..


Well there is a simple answer to that. You pretty much spend no time designing/developing the website and all you are left doing is adding in the appropriate content.

You have a beautiful, professional website that might even look better then what you could of made (trust me some of these premium themes are amazing). The project is already complete and really you have put in very little effort.. Oh and your pockets are full :).

It can also be the perfect solution for someone with a very heavy workload and no staff to help. Imagine doing this for 5 to 10 clients. That way you are able to handle your workload and have all your projects completed in a timely manner.

Lets breakdown the process.

1) Client comes in orders website..

2) You quote and get a deposit.

3) You buy a premium WordPress theme, add in the customers content and your done.

4) The client is over the moon with such a quick turn around time and the high quality work! You have made a nice profit with minimal effort and it may also lead to a referral from the satisfied customer.

Now… A Little About The Enfold WordPress Theme

Now I hope you can see the potential these premium themes have. Lets learn a little about the Enfold theme itself.

Why did I choose the enfold premium theme as oppose to the thousand other themes? The main reason I chose this theme was because I was really impressed with the simple, white corporate design. The overall layout was just what I was looking for, the feature rich layer slider plugin was included, and basically all the additional add-ons that came with the Enfold WP Theme were ideal.

I also quickly scanned through their comments section and saw how much positive feedback they had received and how promptly they had replied to any of there support messages. So I just said to myself “what the heck” and bought the theme. I mean it was literally 50 dollars. You don’t need to be rich to afford it.

Enfold Theme Features:

Another one of the top reasons I chose Enfold was because of their highly responsive layout. Allowing the website to be fully compatible on any mobile device. They also have a theme options panel that is quite unique and makes everything very convenient to access. You can literally do most of the work through the WordPress admin dashboard.

Here is a brief list of some of the top features that come with the Enfold theme.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Outstanding Support
  • Import Dummy Data (When you initially install the theme it doesn’t look like the live demo. Import the dummy data to make it look pretty)
  • Retina Ready
  • Admin Panel
  • 2D/3D Layer Slider (This slider allows you to create custom sliders using different layers – added value of $15 plugin)
  • Layout Builder (Create custom visual components using the layout builder)
  • Form Builder
  • Shortcodes
  • Sidebar Manager

And a lot more. For a more in depth review of the features and to take a look at their live demo page visit the Enfold theme page.

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Author: Jake

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