Should You Purchase a HostGator Hosting Package

Should you purchase a HostGator web hosting plan?

There is only one person who can answer that and it isn’t me. It’s you. But I can help you decide. Choosing a web host is a daunting task for anyone in this industry, especially for those who are new. The wide variety of choices naturally makes it more difficult to decide on a web host. One thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s just a host. Don’t waste too much time deciding, because at the end of the day you can always change.

I recommend HostGator because it does the trick, it’s globally recommended and inexpensive. It has increasingly become more popular for web designers and developers like yourself.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you that you should purchase a HostGator hosting plan just because I’m an affiliate (affiliate links featured in this article). The most effective way to figure out whether or not HostGator hosting is right for your website is to learn about their current customers experiences.

At the end of this, and based on your web needs. You will know if you should sign up for HostGator or not.

Start With What You Need?

Knowing what you want out of your website is going to make your decision so much easier. You will understand more of what I’m referring too as you read this article.

This next section will help you determine whether or not HostGator is the right choice. You will need to think about what you plan to gain from your website and try to be realistic.

My Own Experience

By no means is my story inspiring or HostGator has worked wonders for me. This is my simple experience that I payed around $80/year for. In all honesty, I feel I got what I payed for.

I started this blog using the most basic hosting package HostGator had to offer. Today, my traffic has reached around 2000 unique visitors per day and as I write this review I’m still using the basic package. My blog is running on WordPress and for the traffic I receive, my site runs at a reasonable speed. If you plan to use HostGator for lets say a clients “5 page website” then there is no doubt it can handle a simple site like that. My blog has around 95 posts and a couple of pages.

I plan to upgrade my blog to VPS hosting very soon, but that’s not because I’m unsatisfied. It’s because I’ve made the ROI from my blog and I want to upgrade to handle more traffic. I basically want my users to have a better user experience. I purchased the hatchling HostGator plan around October last year. So far it has done me well. I’ve had one little hiccup that HostGator support was able to assist me with.

What I would recommend HostGator for?

In my opinion HostGator is a great starting point for hosting and that is why I think they are so popular. They can handle traffic as my blog currently demonstrates, and I feel that if you are looking for a simple blog or a website merely for content then HostGator is a good choice. For the price you pay, you don’t do too bad.

If you are looking for a “starting point” and plan to build up your traffic as you go along, then HostGator hosting would be the ideal solution. It’s inexpensive and you get all the necessities. You can always upgrade when you need too and we all know that no website starts at 2k uniques per day. When you do reach that amount you simply upgrade.

What More Do You Need To Know?

I’m trying my best to not beat around the bush here, but if you want to know about the “features and perks” of the HostGator packages. I can say that they come with all the normal bells and whistles that any other host comes with. Such as: cpanel, quickinstalls, backups, unlimited diskspace and so on.. You can read more about these features here.

What I wouldn’t recommend HostGator for?

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend HostGator for this is because I haven’t tried it myself. I don’t feel that HostGator would be a good choice for anyone planning on hosting multiple websites that require excessive amounts of diskspace and bandwidth. Reseller hosting, dedicated servers etc.

HostGator are cheap and I think they are that price for a reason, not that I think they couldn’t provide this service, but when you plan on offering this service to your clients and they have complaints (which they will) you cannot guarantee that HostGator will be around to hold your hand. They are a large business and the bigger you are, the harder it is to please everyone.

If you are looking for something more than a starting point I would recommend this company for dedicated server space etc. Please note that their shared hosting plans are very limited.

Basically I work for a private web firm in Canada and we use Netelligent for renting our server space. We don’t have many problems and they are always available to fix it.


I think that I’ve mentioned enough and hopefully now you have more of an idea on what you will need your web hosting for and may be closer to making a decision. Remember producing content is much more important than choosing a host so make your decision and get to it. To sign up to a HostGator shared hosting plan visit their website and click “web hosting” on the top left.

If you do plan on using HostGator, below you can find 2 coupons one with a 25% discount and the other with a $9.94 discount for my blog readers.

Good luck and any questions, leave me a comment below.


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Author: Jake

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