Learn How to Develop Your Own Blog With This E-Book

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed I haven’t been writing many articles recently. This is because I have been working on an e-book. This e-book aims to teach someone with no web development background, how to develop a blog and the different ways of how they can earn money online.

It is called “Blogging in Minutes” a simple tutorial guide that covers the basics and how to’s of developing your own WordPress blog. It provides you with resources such as choosing your domain name, purchasing a hosting package and then developing your WordPress blog using things like the QuickInstall and an FTP program.

It also covers things like preparing your content, setting up your blog theme, installing plugins, basic SEO settings, writing your first article and more.

Blogging in Minutes, Simple Tutorial Guide That Teaches You How To Develop a Blog.

Just enough detail in order to get you started with your very own blog. The e-book consists of step by step tutorials and links to relevant articles that will help you with the development of your blog.

Right now I am offering this e-book completely free and I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback and even any suggestions you may have for it.

If it goes the way I want it too then I will be selling it for around $5, but for now it is completely free to download and distribute! So go ahead and download your copy today.

Here is the direct link to download the pdf e-book which requires an adobe acrobat reader to view.

Right Click Here and “Save Link As” to Download Blogging in Minutes

E-book Support Forum

As this e-book is relatively new, I am providing you with a support forum where you can post any questions you may have about the blogging in minutes e-book.

Click here to visit the forum.

You can sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and any other social media accounts you have. Please do not be afraid to ask your questions. I am on my blog daily and can provide you with support as often as I can.

My goal is to create a small community for learner web developers and designers. Which would be a place where you would go to receive support for your blogs and any other web projects. I want to do this because this is something that I never received when I first started out and I know how helpful it could be.

Yes there are tons of articles and tutorials online that you can follow, but I always find it better when you can talk to someone directly about your problem.

Right now the forum isn’t really active, but I am here and do check it everyday. So please ask if you have any questions.

Author: Jake

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