Introducing Divi 2.0 Exclusive Discount For Our Readers.

Elegant Themes recently announced and released a new version to their ultimate Divi theme. Divi 2.0. This theme is one of it’s kind and it’s core focus is on changing the way you build websites.

Last year elegant themes launched Divi 1.0, and it quickly became one of their most popular themes yet. In fact, today it is now used more than all of their other themes combined – according to elegant themes.

It’s pretty clear that this theme has given elegant themes a new face in the theme development industry, and at the same time they’ve created a versatile, beautiful theme that could be used for a wide range of purposes. Not only did elegant themes release this new version of the Divi, but they gave me some promotional discounts exclusive for my blog readers.

If you are interested in the elegant themes subscription, not just for Divi but for all of their 87 premium themes consider signing up for this special exclusive discount, but before you run away take a look at what’s new with Divi.


10% off a life time membership.
20% off a developer membership.

Developer membership is only $1 more than the standard subscription, these expire June 21st.

Here’s what’s new with Divi 2.0

The Divi Drag & Drop Page Builder


The Divi Page Builder has seen some major improvements and modifications, including the ability to duplicate content, modules, and an all new section that introduces 9 new column structures.

New Specialty Sections

Specialty Sections give you additional levels of vertical division, that essentially allow you to place columns within columns. These are especially useful for creating dynamic sidebar layouts.

All New Header Options


Divi’s header options allow you to choose the color of your header, the placement of your logo, add an accent bar for social and contact information, and even choose between horizontal and vertical navigation. Divi 2.0 has also introduced a new secondary navigation location.

Vertical Navigation


Clearly my favourite element to this update along side the brand new header options, you also have the ability to change the orientation of your entire navigation to vertical.

Centered Logo


I often have problems positioning some logos to the left side because it tends to look clunky or out of place, due to the height of the navigation and the proportion of the logo. In this update they’ve given you the ability to arrange the position of your logo to be centered above your navigation items.

Boxed Layout


Though I’m a huge fan of the full width layouts, the boxed option is always handy to have depending on your clients needs.

Menu-less Landing Pages


Are you big on creating landing pages? Divi 2.0 has introduced the blank page option, which can remove the header and footer areas from any individual page. These standalone pages can be used for all sorts of great applications, such as a sales landing page, a maintenance mode page, a countdown/coming-soon page, and so much more. It’s ideal for keeping users from navigating away or getting distracted with other options.

Fully Responsive

Of course the Divi theme has to be fully responsive and it has been from the gecko..

Stunning Projects & Portfolios


Showcase your work in many ways with the projects and portfolios sections.

WooCommerce Ready


In my eyes being woocommerce ready is a must have for any theme. Divi has what you need to get an online store up and running in no time. With pre-made store layouts in Divi 2.0, and the store module that lets you sell anywhere on your website.

Business Layouts

Divi’s wide range of business savvy modules lets you easily create serious yet modern looking designs with that professional business feel.

Gorgeous Blog Layouts

Blogging is the key to your success. Divi comes packed with various blog layouts to choose from. Using Divi’s builder you can place blog posts anywhere on your website.

Post Formats

Now supporting standard, audio, gallery, quote, video, and link post types.

Pre-Made Layouts

Sometimes building your own layout is too time consuming. Divi 2.0 introduces a completely new set of pre-made layouts. Pre-made layouts can be loaded to pre-populate any page builder with a set of pre-defined modules built for a specific purpose.

33 Robust Modules

Modules are building blocks that allow you to add content to your website. When combining different modules with different row structures the design possibilities are countless. In Divi 2.0, we have introduced several new modules, and we have updated many of our classic modules as well.

Image Gallery

Now you can create a collection of images without having to make projects and portfolios. Clicking on an image will open up a full sized lightbox and you can even choose to show your gallery as an image slider.

Audio Player
Sharing audio looks great in Divi. You can even upload album or track art to be displayed along side the Divi audio player.


There are many robust features that come with the new release of Divi. To learn more about this unique theme and how you can get your hands on it. You can visit Divi 2.0 demo page here, and if you are going to sign up. Save some money with the discounts below – expire june 21st.

10% off a life time membership.
20% off a developer memebership.

Any questions or concerns, leave a comment below.


Author: Jake

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