How To Increase Blog Traffic, 8 Methods

In order to have a successful blog. It needs to possess a substantial amount of traffic. There are many effective techniques on how to increase blog traffic and a majority of these methods are free. There are of course some paid options, but when you stop spending your money, you stop receiving traffic. This is why your top priority should be attracting as much free targeted traffic as you possibly can. In this article I will be providing you with some creative ways on how to increase blog traffic which will help increase exposure to your blog.

No Doubt, Social Media

I think it’s easy to say that you should be using Social Media to increase your blog traffic. Every time you write and publish a new blog post. You should by all means post it to your social media pages.

Become the next best resource, and always keep in mind that Google uses social signals from your social fan pages to help determine your page rank.

Increase Website Traffic

Guest Posting

This is one of the most effective ways to increase blog traffic. However, it also requires the most work. Approach the already established blogs in your niche and check to see if they are accepting guest posts. Send them a brief message about your post idea and if they’re interested, I’m sure you’ll hear back from them.

You also have to remember that not every blog owner is going to like your content or even be interested. Don’t take it personally, move on and approach the next blog.

With guest posts you don’t just receive lots of new traffic. But you are also exposing your content to targeted readers and building yourself some credibility. Plus you receive a link back from a high ranking blog which is always helpful.

Blog Comments

I used the blog commenting technique for one solid month to get my first real increase in traffic.

I would comment on different blogs in my niche about 5 to 10 times a day and I still do. Some days I am busier than others so I can’t always be posting on other peoples blogs. However, after the first month of commenting on a new blog each day. I had a very drastic increase in blog traffic and after that solid month of commenting I haven’t needed to comment quite as much.

The key to increasing traffic with blog commenting is not just leaving a “Thanks for the post” comment. It’s about leaving valuable and informative comments. Which attract more readers to your own blog. I would also recommend you targeting specific articles that could have some relevance to your comment and not just a link back to your home page.

Content is King

For those who don’t know, the single most effective way to increase your blog traffic is content. After all, your content is the reason why your reader is there. Do your best to provide high quality content and provide this content as consistently as you can.

I believe that the key to success is being persistent. You are not only being persistent, but at the same time you are growing and developing your skills and will just get better and better from there on out.

I assure you that if you keep producing content and providing value to your readers I can almost guarantee that you will increase your blog traffic. It may not be instantly, but give it time and I’m sure it will come.

Paid Advertising (Google Adwords)

I would only recommend this if you are in a position too. You may not like the idea of paying for your traffic, but pay per click is very targeted and the return on investment can be quite rewarding.

For anyone that sells products, Google Adwords is an excellent way to target specific customers and bring them right to the perfect landing page.

With Google Adwords you have complete customization of your ads. You are able to choose the keywords that you want to show up for.

Forum Posts

There is almost a forum for every topic on the internet which leaves you with another great traffic opportunity. Whatever your blog may be about there is bound to be a forum on that specific niche. Try signing up to 5 or 6 forums and post on more than one topic, leaving behind your signature.

Same rule applies with forum posting as it does with blog posting. Your comments need to be relevant and helpful. Don’t be a spammer, it won’t help your blog grow! Trust me..

Freebies and Incentives

Freebies and incentives! Everybody loves something for free, especially a product. Giving away incentives, never fails. It keeps people intrigued and coming back for more. It’s also another opportunity to spread the word about your products and blog.

Start out by giving away a free e-book for your email subscribers. Then as your business and profits grow, start to give away more valuable freebies.

A company I used to work for used to give away a free IPAD to one of their Facebook fans. They received around 2000+ likes for this event alone. $500 worth of marketing that increased their business, traffic and revenue. Which to me is a very small price to pay.

Exchanging links

You can either guest post to get your link on a high ranking blog, or you can request to exchange links with blogs in your niche.

Exchanging links can be a rewarding traffic technique. However, make sure you exchange with blogs in your niche and exchange links in appropriate places. Don’t just direct to other blogs, make those links appear as resources for your own visitors.

You can also receive back links from creating unique content. If other blog owners like your content and it provides value to their readers. They may link to your blog without an exchange. So work hard on creating high quality content and you can’t go wrong.

Author: Jake

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