How To Earn an Additional Income Blogging

In today’s article I will be explaining some of the different methods to how you can earn an additional income from blogging, and some of the basic things you will need to get started.

I wrote this article because there seems to be a lot of misleading information on the topic, and it’s really not that complex – it just involves a lot of work.

Below you can find exactly what you need to get started, and how you could earn an additional income from blogging.

What You Need To Get Started.

These are the six things you need to start.

Domain name: You can register a domain name for as little as $10/year at or one of your own selected registrars.

Hosting: Hosting is another essential. This is how your website stays live on the Internet. We don’t endorse free web hosting.

Blog: Preferably a WordPress blog. There are many designers and companies that will help you get setup. Though we recommended that you do it yourself, but once you have a blog developed your main focus will be on producing content, which isn’t difficult to learn.

Chosen Niche: You need a topic to write about. Make sure you are truly passionate about your selected niche and are willing to do in-depth research.

Unique Content: you have probably heard this before and you are going to hear it again. You need to produce unique content to succeed as a blogger. There are no secret methods to building content, unless you have the funding to hire writers.

Traffic: When you produce content you build traffic, when you build traffic you start to earn money. It sounds so simple, it is the hardest part to it is building traffic.

How much traffic do you need?

There isn’t an answer to this question and that’s because it varies from blog to blog. There is no exact amount. What you need is an audience. A loyal audience who values your opinion and content.

Don’t look at your blog as a numbers game. It’s better to have a 100 loyal followers who follow and purchase the products you recommend, rather than a 1000 visitors who have no interest.

How Do I Create a Loyal Audience?

It all comes down to the same thing. Content, unique content. If you can provide your visitors with amazing content and the answers they’re looking for – “the trust” will earn itself.

Ways To Earn Online

Here are 4 simple ways to how you can earn through your blog.

Google Adsense: This is one of the easiest ways to earn online. It’s easy in the sense that you don’t need to rely on visitors purchasing your products to earn anything. You earn money by displaying related content advertisements in eye catchy locations through out your blog. Every time someone clicks one of your ads you earn a commission. It’s possible to earn some good money with adsense.See how Darren Browse has earned close to a million dollars from adsense alone.

Affiliate Programs: One of the main earners in the blogging industry has to be recommending affiliate products. You sign up to popular, valuable affiliate programs and you recommend their products to your visitors. Sounds simple enough right?

Sure, it is simple to recommend a product, it’s hard to gain someones trust. Take a look at this super affiliate’s website Rosalind Garner who earned just under half a million in 1 year through recommending affiliate products. She explains how you too could earn as an affiliate with her super affiliate handbook.

Information Products: Another great way to earn online is to sell an information product. Such as an ebook, theme or whatever you have knowledge of.

Services: Offering personalized services is a great way to earn an additional income. There are many successful bloggers out there who offer additional services that come with their free content.

If your users are impressed with your content then they may consider hiring you for some of their own projects. Make sure to give them that option if you’re planning to earn this way.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon..

If you are genuinely serious about earning an income online then you won’t give up within the first year. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, in fact it’s far from it, but it works.

One of the main reasons some bloggers can’t earn a dime online is because they give up way too early or don’t put in enough work. If you are in it for the long haul then you are more likely to see results. I’m not going to lie, it does take a lot of time and dedication to keep your blog updated, but the rewards are extremely beneficial.

The hardest part to earning online is to keep going despite your failed efforts, and I know you don’t want to hear it, but there are going to be failures.

If you can get through that initial phase, “where it feels like no one is reading your content” you will start to gradually see results. It may take a year or even two before you make any money, so don’t plan on quitting your day job just yet.

The Rule.
If you want to succeed, keep pumping out unique content and offering value to your readers. Add in affiliate links, display ads, create email campaigns and use social network to promote products and you can’t go wrong. It really isn’t that difficult, and there is no secret strategy just become a resource and provide value.

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Author: Jake

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