How To Design a Logo

I am going to explain some of the important elements on how to design a logo, the different design ideas of creating a logo, the different types of logos you could use and some critical points to abide by when designing your logos.

Your logo is the visual representation of your company and what you as an organization or an individual do. It’s the way to show the world your sign, emblem or mark and to publicly promote who you are through your logo.

Types of Logos

There are a few types of logos, one being a combination logo, logos that use both text and a symbolic icon.

For instance, my logo is a combination logo, McDonalds has a combination logo as does Microsoft and Blackberry.

A simple and easy way to design a logo using both text and a symbol to go with it.

Then we have logos with abstract but recognizable symbols also known as “Symbolic Logos”. We all notice these logos as brands such as Apple, Shell and Mercedes. All using symbols to represent their business, yet these symbols seem completely irrelevant to their companies.

And the 3rd type is a font based logo known as a “Word Mark” logo. Having no distinctive icon to go beside it, these types of logos are completely custom designed fonts that feature the company name.

Businesses such as Disney, Dell and FedEx use this type of logo design.

What Logo Type Fits You.

I feel that different types of businesses fall under different types of logos. Here is a brief explanation of what I am referring too.

Products and Brands:
If you are planning on branding and selling your own merchandise then the type of logo that is best for you is going to be a “Symbolic Logo”. Simple, slick, abstract and recognizable logo, a logo like Apple or Nike would be perfect.

No copying though, I am talking an abstract symbol that you can think of on your own, to stand as your company logo. Do some research and check out what other companies are using in your competing industry.

Companies that offer services to the local area such as mechanics, they could use logos that summarize their business with an already known object or symbol, such as a wrench. Maybe you could add something to the wrench to make it your own, just an idea.

You could also do this for many other businesses such as construction, painting, salons and barber stores etc.

Some businesses don’t have easy to think of icons to go with their names. So turn the name itself into your logo with a custom designed font. You could also make the first letter your company icon.

It isn’t easy deciding on the logo you are going to use for your blog or business, if you are struggling, play around with all 3 ideas and see what works best for you. I personally find it easier if I draw some logos on paper then start designing them on my computer after I have something to work from.

How to Design a Logo for a Blog.

3 Key Points To Logo Design

As much as I would like to tell you exactly how to design a logo for your blog. I can’t tell you, because each logo has to be unique. But I can give you some critical points on how to design a logo for a blog.

One point is to stick to a font-based logo. As much as you would like to be the next Apple and I’m not saying you can’t be, but unless you have a good amount of funding to market your new brand, then I wouldn’t recommend you using a symbolic logo just yet.

Remember, that you are a start up blog and nobody knows who you are yet so your primary goal is to get your name out there. We do this by having our name featured in our logo, with a font based logo.

Here are 3 other key points to remember when designing a logo.

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Unique


Keep it simple, I say this a lot throughout my articles and that is because I want you to keep it simple! Don’t over do it, don’t over think, over design or add too many colours.

Be simple and creative, don’t use 10 different colours on your logo, 2 or 3 colours is more than enough and don’t make an icon that has a 100 different angles which really means nothing. Yes abstract is creative, but abstract logos should mean something to you and explain your company in some sort of form, not just random shapes.


There is nothing better than having a logo that is easy to remember, you definitely want people to quickly recognize your company just by looking at your logo.

How do you make it memorable?

Easy enough, keep it simple.. Follow rule number 1 and rule number 2 will naturally take its place.


Your logo will always be unique as long as you don’t copy someones design. Think about what your goal is, what kind of information are you going to provide? Then develop a sign or a mark that represents what you are doing. Do a Google image search for icons related to your sites topic keywords, see if you can find some inspiration there.

Tools used to Design Logos

The best type of software to use for a logo design is a vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. You can design a logo using Adobe Photoshop but it will be made from pixels and will not be a sizable vector.

If you don’t have a copy of Illustrator or Corel Draw, I would recommend you getting one as soon as you can, its an expensive tool, but very well worth it.

What Type of Logo Do You Think You Will Design?

I hope you enjoyed this article on How to Design a Logo. Please leave a comment on the type of logo you are going to design!

Author: Jake

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