How To Design a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

So you have a blog or a business and you have decided to promote this with a Facebook fan page. What you want is an attractive Facebook timeline cover photo to hopefully increase your fan page exposure.

By the end of this article you will have all the right things to help design your cover photo and be ready to start your engaging social media presence.

In this short tutorial, I will provide you with the cover photo dimensions, profile picture dimensions and some cover photos for your own inspiration.

Step 1. Image Dimensions

Lets take a look at the image below which provides you with the full dimensions of both the cover photo (851px by 351px) and the profile picture (180px by 180px).

You can either design each image separate or do it together using this basic Facebook dimensions PSD file. That is if you are going to use Photoshop to design your cover photo.

NOTE: If you upload a cover image that is smaller than the required width and height, the image will be stretched and will reduce the quality of your image. It is highly recommended that you use the appropriate dimensions.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Document Ready.. Now what?

Ok, so you have your document setup and are ready to design your Facebook timeline cover photo. What do you feature in your cover image?

It’s hard for me to tell you exactly how to design your Facebook cover photo as each image will be different. I can however give you some things that you may want to consider using when putting together your own cover image.

  • Company or Blog name
  • It’s always a good idea to include your name, but it is not mandatory as your name is clearly marked on your fan page.

  • Slogan or Tagline
  • Eye catching background image
  • This could be a stock photo or you can add in your own soft gradient and design it yourself.

  • Cool Quotes
  • Any inspiring quotes you may have or work by.

  • Humorous Phrase (has to be relevant)
  • Everyone likes to laugh so add a humorous but relevant phrase if you have one.

  • Logo
  • This is a no brainer! Definitely use your logo.

  • Personal Picture if needed
  • If your blog is a personal one then you could add your own picture.

These are just some of the ideas you could use with your Facebook timeline cover photo. It’s up to you how creative you’re going to be. Make sure your cover photo is eye-catching, unique and informative and you can’t go wrong.

Also remember that images and photos are very powerful branding materials that should be used to market your business in a positive way. Everything you design has an impact on your business and website. So try to make a good first impression.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Examples

Here are some simple, creative and unique Facebook timeline cover photos that you can use for inspiration.

Pepsi did a great job with their cover image using multiple images and “live now” inside the images.

Pepsi Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

I love PlayStations cover photo. I love the colors and how simple it is and it’s straight to the point. Got to have me a Playstation 4!!

Playstation Racebook timeline cover photo

Blackberry cover photo is another great cover image. Simple product promotion image.

Blackberry Facebook timeline cover image

SketchUp has a cool cover image, which is a sketch of Town. It’s relevant to their software.

SketchUp Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

And last but not least is my own cover image! It’s not for inspiration I was just curious to see what you guys think of it? Thanks for reading. Good luck with your Facebook timeline design and post your URL in the comments if you would like some feedback on your own cover images.'s Facebook timeline cover photo

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Author: Jake

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