Fonts, graphics, brushes and videos for web designers

When I first began designing websites, I would often struggle to find good resources for my web designs. Being new to the web design industry, I was unaware of where I could go to find royalty free graphics and free web compatible fonts.

I started out at istockphoto and paid for my first couple of images, then realizing that there are in fact many websites out there that offer free high quality fonts and graphics available for download.

Fonts, graphics, brushes and videos for web designers

I figured that anyone who is new to developing websites would appreciate a post full of resources, as it is always good idea to have your own resource library.

Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

The first one I found being part of Google was Google web fonts. Google web fonts has many different fonts available for anyone to use. You can download the collection of fonts to your computer, or you can insert a small snippet of code into your HTML documents. Currently there are 554 fonts on Google Web Fonts and I am sure they will keep adding more.

Fontsquirrel offers a wide variety of free fonts for graphic designers for commercial use.  I personally prefer to use fontsquirrel for the fonts on my web designs as these fonts appeal to me most. These fonts are aimed towards graphic designers, they are used for logo design and so on.

Graphics and Stock Photography

Vecteezy is by far the best place to go for your custom vectors. These vectors are designed and uploaded from different graphic designers all over the world. Which are available for anyone to use that abides by the set of image licenses. There are some vectors that do not have image licenses and you are free to do as you like with them.

I have mentioned a couple times throughout my blog. Stock Exchange is where I go to get most of my royalty free images with thousands of different photos for users to choose from.

As it’s a free website, don’t expect it to be good as That being said, I am very satisfied with it and mainly use it for backgrounds of my own custom graphics. You also have the option of loading your own photos to share with everyone.

Photoshop Brushes
I only have one place I go for my photoshop brushes and it is called Brusheezy a relative to Vecteezy. Brusheezy is the same as vecteezy, except it offers custom photoshop brushes. These brushes are again made by the users who upload them to the website. Their are some very creative brushes that give your website that extra flare. I actually used one of these brushes for the header of my website. You can download all sorts of brushes, such as lightning brushes, cracked brushes, arrow brushes, abstract brushes and much more..

Animation and Videos

This is completely new, released not so long ago and is a relative of the “eezy’s”. I haven’t had the chance yet to really use any, but for people who are into video marketing and creating animations. This is called videezy with free HD video clips and stock video footage, a great place to go if you’re looking to create a video for your website.

So there you have a few resources to get you started. Please leave a comment if you have any other resources I could add to the list.

Author: Jake

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