Divi: Elegant Themes Most Impressive Theme Yet

Before Christmas Elegant Themes released their latest and most impressive theme yet, Divi.

Divi is all you would expect, a clean, responsive WordPress theme that Elegant themes has been working on for some time now. It was announced about 4 months back that they were working on their best theme yet.

As promised, they launched the new Divi theme and it easily met their customers expectations. They have more than over delivered with this unique theme as it comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect, plus much more..

Why is this theme better than their 86 others?

There is more to this theme than design as it’s core focus is a user friendly process to change the way people build WordPress websites. Without having to modify any serious code.

An exciting part to the new Divi theme is that it has been developed as a completely multi purpose theme. It’s the most flexible theme they’ve developed yet. It’s almost like a simple website framework, a base theme that you can modify and work upon and could literally use for any type of website, including eCommerce.

In this next section, I’ll be briefly explaining the design features and some of main features that come with the Divi theme which make it their best theme yet.

Theme Design

I wont talk too much about the design, but if you view this demo.You’ll see that this theme uses a simple corporate design that could be utilized for many different web projects.

It’s a white theme that uses a parallax effect and a full width slider. Divi is completely mobile friendly with a fully responsive design. The design also uses a fixed header navigation which is another user friendly element that avoids the user scrolling back up the page for the navigation.

Though this design is a simple, standard corporate website, the potential lies in the new theme page builder that makes the Divi theme their best theme yet.

Page/Layout Builder

The biggest highlight to this theme has to be their latest page and layout builder that was developed specifically for the Divi theme. The page builder turns visual elements into building blocks, making your website easier to build and without having to read or write a single line of code. It’s so easy to use, and allows for you to integrate different modules into your website. I’ve featured 3 of the pre made Divi layouts at the bottom of this article.

Built in Modules

As mentioned above, the Divi theme uses built in modules (to the page builder) which enhance the way your website works. These modules play very important roles when developing your website and that’s what makes this theme stand out from the rest.

Basically when you’re using the page building blocks, you choose what modules you want to use. For example, you could select a 2 column layout and in each of those columns you could add a separate module.

So say you want a shop module on one side of the page, and a contact form on the other. You simply add those modules and configure the available options, and that’s that.

There are multiple modules available for Divi which can be found on the download page. You’ll find shop modules, contact form modules, slider modules and much more. There are also many other modules being developed for the Divi theme that the public have specifically requested. You also need to take note that this would be an excellent tool to up sell on to your clients.

I’d recommend taking a look at this video of the page builder in action. This way you can understand more of what I’m trying to explain or sign up to elegant themes and try it yourself. And again you could show this video to your clients that way you don’t need to train them either (that is if their using the Divi theme).

Here are 3 demos that have been developed for the Divi theme.

Demo 1 – Default Home Page (full screen slider)


Demo 2 – Store Homepage

Divi Homepage Store

Demo 3 – Simple Homepage (1080px slider)

Divi Simple Homepage

If you’re already signed up to Elegant themes, you can download this theme instantly. If not when you sign up you’ll gain access to the Divi theme plus 86 other themes. You can find the sign up link on this demo page. I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave your comment in the section below.

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Author: Jake

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