Different Ways to Find Web Design Clients

Want to become a freelance web designer and need to find some web design clients?

I know, finding new clients isn’t the easiest task in the world. There is so much competition in the web industry and many freelancers are already experienced designers with high quality portfolios. Which makes it very difficult for up and coming freelancers like yourself who are trying to get their names out there.

In this article I will be providing you with some simple techniques that have the potential of generating more leads and returning customers to your freelancing business.

Word of Mouth

I’ve asked several design communities. “What’s the most effective marketing technique that brings you a majority of your customers?” The most popular answer I received was word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the most effective way to attract clients to any business. Start out by approaching local businesses in your area and offer them prices that they can’t refuse. Don’t charge them the same price as the local web design firm. Because whats the point in using you? Give them the best price you can, and over deliver in quality. Then when the next referral comes along, mark your price up a notch and carry this process on.

I know you want the big bucks right away, but you have to think realistically and what people are actually willing to pay you. Give it time and you will be earning more money. Your first priority is over delivering in quality, building your portfolio and getting your name out in the local community. Once you get your name out there. You will start to see that clients are now approaching you for services. Then make your radar bigger and go for the next town.

Web Design Flyers

Flyers? Does anyone still use those things?

Yes they do and a lot of people think flyers are a waste of money. But are these people using them appropriately?

I don’t think they are and that’s where they are going wrong.. Get your flyers/postcards designed and printed and then lets aim for sending them to your target audience.

Wait? Who are my target audience..? Now you see, that is exactly where they are going wrong.

The key to using flyers is not just handing them out to any random person. Grab your local phone book and start to circle businesses without websites and with crappy websites. Once you have found 50, send your flyers away and wait for the phone to ring.

It’s as simple as that and please by all means let me know your results.

Twitter For Business

Twitter isn’t really a local place to receive clients, but there is the chance that it could bring you some extra business.

I personally have had several leads through twitter. All I did was log in to my account and searched for words like “looking for web designer” in the twitter search.

Then it would pull up all the people looking for web designers and I would simply offer them my services and provide them with quotes if necessary.

Start a Blog..

Start a blog and link it up with your business website. Build yourself some credibility and provide valuable content to fellow freelancers.

This not only helps rank your website, but you will be surprised at how many people will start to approach you for services just because of your content.

Now you need to remember that starting a blog isn’t the easiest task. It may take several months before you receive much traffic at all. But I assure you that it is well worth it and can attract many customers to your business. You can also earn some extra money from your blog too.

Freelancing Websites

Create accounts on all the freelancing websites. The top two I use are elance.com and freelancer.com Now, I realize that these are highly competitive and people charge next to nothing to work on some of these projects.

These websites are just another source of getting your name and skills out on the internet. They cost nothing to sign up too, and there are chances of you actually receiving the work. Don’t be afraid of submitting your proposal, because of the competition, just do it, you have nothing to lose.

The selling strategy to use on these websites is when you submit your proposal, don’t explain you are a HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and Drupal Developer.

Because to the “average joe” this means nothing. You need to write why you are good for their website and business. How you can potentially help them with their online marketing and attract hundreds of visitors to their websites.

How you are going to help turn their website traffic into conversions and sales. These are the key traits that most people will look for, not what coding language you frequently use.

Yes it sounds great, but in reality no one cares.

Forum Marketing

Another great place to look for clients are on forums, sign up to as many forums as you can. I have signed up to several business forums. There is no point in signing up to web design forums, because everyone knows how to develop websites there.

Instead we sign up to “start up business forums”. A majority of forums have an area where people go to discuss web development. All you need to do is provide helpful information, have a link in your signature to your website, and offer your services through out the forum.

Forum Marketing

Author: Jake

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