Designing For The New Google Plus Cover Photo

Google recently announced some exciting news. The new and blown-up Google Plus cover photo, a cover photo that is more than double of its original size. Perfect for web and graphic designers who want to dazzle people with their elegant cover designs. The new Google cover photo makes the Facebook timeline look miniature! The cover photo was just one of the major updates that Google had made that day, along with a circular profile image.

In this brief tutorial, I will be showing you how to design for this new and grand Google plus cover photo. I will also be talking about what type of marketing material you could use in your own cover design.

1. The New Dimensions

The new Google plus cover photo has a maximum width and height of 2120px by 1192px and it almost covers your screen! It will be displayed in 16:9 and the minimum size you can upload is 480px by 270px.

Also note that when people initially visit your profile page, the bottom half of the cover image is brought to attention first. You will have to scroll up in order to view the full cover image.

Below you can find a screenshot of how the cover image first appears when you visit someones profile page.

Designing a Google plus cover photo

When designing the full cover photo make sure that the main focus of your image is about 260px from the bottom so that your image doesn’t clash with your profile picture. I would also design 390px from the top so that when visitors go to your page they notice the area between first.

You can still design within the 390px from the top just remember that your main focus should be between it (the element you want to bring to attention).

If you’re still not fully understanding what I am trying to explain, here is an image labeling the important dimensions of the Google plus cover photo or you can download this psd file that contains the appropriate cover dimensions. (If you do not see the margins in your Photoshop go to “View>Show>Guides” to display my preset guides.)

Goole Plus Cover Photo Dimension Template

Design Scale

Personally I designed my Google cover image at the largest size being 2120px by 1192px. If you want to design between the minimum and the maximum size then by all means go ahead, but the purpose of having this large cover image is so that we can use it to its full potential and design something amazing using the full scale.

Main Focus

There are several things we can add to our Google plus cover photo just because there is so much room. What we don’t want to do is make it too busy, just because there is a lot of room doesn’t necessarily mean we have to fill it all up. We need to make our cover design clean and use our empty space appropriately.

Think about the most important thing you want to deliver with your cover image.

Do you want to attract more traffic to your blog?

Do you want people to hire you?

Or do you have a message that you want to get out there?

Whatever it is you’re trying to bring attention too, this is what you need to emphasize in your cover image design (in the main focus area).

In my case I want to send people over to my blog so bringing attention to my URL was my main focus.

Here is a screenshot of my current design.

New Google Plus Cover Photo Design

You can also take a look at the live design.

As you can see I have clearly labeled my domain name being one of the largest elements on my cover image.

If you’re trying to bring attention to your URL then you want your link to be bang in the center. Anyone who has their own blog or website should feature their URL in the main focus area of the Google cover PSD template I provided above.

Those of you who are offering services such as a freelancer or a photographer. Make sure to include your contact email, phone number and your website address, again in the main focus area as this is brought to attention first.

Other Things To Include In Your Google Plus Cover Photo.

Here is a small list of things you could also use in your Google plus cover photo.

  • Name, Business Name
  • You can add your business name if it’s part of your logo, but remember that your Google plus username will also show up

  • Logo
  • You have to find somewhere to add your logo, your logo is always a must.

  • Catchy Phrase/Slogan
  • Maybe you have a catchy business phrase or slogan to use on your cover design.

  • Other Social Media Links
  • It’s also a great place to add some of your other social media links.

  • Background images, pictures, portfolio pieces
  • Just to make your design more elegant or to show off some of your recent work.

  • Quotes
  • Any inspiring quotes you may have. It’s always good to use them.

  • Professional Photography
  • Give your cover that professional feeling with a pro graphic or if you’re a photographer show off your skills.

  • Brief About Description
  • There’s that much room on this cover image that you could quickly describe your business or website. You could even use a sales pitch if you have any.

  • Team pictures or personal pictures
  • Show everyone your company team or yourself, but remember you have a profile picture too.

  • Office location, photo of building
  • Some people like to see that you have an established business so showing them the actual building always helps.

  • Google Maps Screenshot
  • If you have a business location then add a Google maps screenshot to your image.

You could probably think of a few more, there is no end to how creative you want to be with this large cover photo whether you’re a business owner or a web developer. But remember to abide by the Google content policy.

Good luck with your new cover design!

Author: Jake

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