Design Your Own Twitter background

If you’re not on twitter already then you need to register. If you’re on Twitter as a web designer then you need to design your own twitter background.

Today, I designed my first Twitter background. I spent most of the day looking at twitter apps and checking out other inspiring twitter backgrounds and whilst I was doing this, I put together my own custom background.

In this tutorial I will show you how to design your own twitter background using Adobe Photoshop.

Design your own Twitter background

Starting With The Basics.

OK, the dimensions I used for my canvas in Photoshop were 1600 x 1200 pixels. Now I did read a lot about other Peoples screen resolutions, but I noticed the stats on w3schools were 85% of internet users use a higher resolution then 1024px. So I decided my twitter design is aimed at that 85%.

You can design your Twitter backgrounds to match other screen resolutions, but to keep this tutorial simple, I will only display the dimensions I used for my design.

Twitter background dimensions

First open up your Photoshop and set your document dimensions to 1600px W by 1200px H as shown in the image above.

Once you have your document setup. We need to set the size of the right and left margins with some rulers.

Twitter margins for custom background image

The left margin on my document is 298px from the left side. The right is 318px from the right side of the document.  As you can see there is still a lot of space giving you some lean way if you need extra room for your design. It’s probably best to set both sides at 300px from the edge of the document.

If you’re feeling extra lazy here is a psd file with the preset rulers and the document setup.

If you can’t see the guides on your Photoshop go to View > Show > Guides, this should display the rulers I have set in the document.

Lets Start Using Our “Create Buds”

Now its time to have some fun and start your design. Take a look at my live version for a little inspiration. Don’t forget to follow us.

So, what did you think? Pretty good huh? I like it, I hope you guys do too.

If you didn’t visit my twitter page, here is a preview.

Twitter background for

I believe the most important part to a Twitter background is the left hand side. We must highlight our most important content on the left side of our twitter background.

You could include your logo, about bio, other social media links, blog url and more.. It’s totally up to you.

Your main goal is to attract people to view your blog or website through your twitter account so I would definitely include your URL.

What To Highlight On Your Twitter Background.

I have always thought that background images are very important, as they are used for the branding of your entire business and website. To some of us it may only be a background image, but to others it shows we made that extra effort for our images to stand out.

When designing your background remember to keep your colours coordinated with your logo and keep your design simple. You want the world to see what your true colours are, literally.

Here is a brief list of things you should try to highlight with your twitter background.

  • Your logo
  • Your slogan or catchy phrase on blog/website
  • Other social media accounts if any
  • Message to audience
  • Corresponding colours
  • Feature of domain name
  • Highlighted Content from blog.
5 Twitter Backgrounds For Your Inspiration.

Here are 5 twitter backgrounds for your inspiration.

This was done by @DashMediaGroup They put together their portfolio and made a giant collage of it.

Twitter Backgrounds for inspiration

This one is clean and simple design from @RingCentral.
Twitter Backgrounds for Inspiration

Creative twitter design from @DesignerDepot blog
Twitter Backgrounds for Inspiration

Twitter Backgrounds for inspiration

Last but not least, @1stwebdesigner twitter background. Simple and elegant with their other social media links.
Twitter Backgrounds

I hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment or any questions you have below.

Did you manage to design your twitter background? If so, leave a link to it, in your comment below.

Author: Jake

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