6 Tips On Choosing Your Domain Name

There is no secret or special technique to choosing your websites domain name.

Sure, choosing the right domain name will help and could send you some extra visitors. But one thing you need to remember is that it always comes down to the content of the website.

Below you can find a few helpful tips to consider when choosing your domain name.

Keyword Related

Personally I like to use keyword related domain names, but like I said it doesn’t always have a huge impact. Most of my searches come through popular articles on my blog.

Simple Domain Name

A simple domain name is something that is going to be easy for your audience to remember. The easier it is to remember the more likely it is to increase return visitors.

Short Domain Name

A short domain name is harder to find, but makes it much easier for your audience to find and remember.

Unique Domain Name

A unique domain name is a name that doesn’t get confused with another popular website or blog, but also stands out from the crowd. Simple and unique at the same time is difficult to mix, but keep experimenting with different names and you will find the right one.

Do a Google search of your domain name before you register as you don’t want to look like you are copying someone else.

Abstract Names

I only suggest abstract domain names when creating a brand. I feel that an abstract domain name is the best type of name for a brand. A name that doesn’t really mean anything to others, but means something to you or represents something.

Use .COM

“.COM” domain names are the most popular type of domain name and are well recognized all over the world. Try to avoid registering a domain name without the “.COM”.

I am not saying that if you use a domain such as “.biz” that it wont work. Because there are many successful websites that don’t use a “.COM”. I just think it’s more convieanat for your web visitors if you’re using a COM domain name, plus “.COM” is pretty much the web standard.

Register Your Name

Choosing a domain name is a simple task. Once you have registered move on to more important tasks. Like creating content.

I have been using namecheap.com to register my domain names with. It is simple, secure and affordable. If you would like to check if your domain is available or register your domain name, click here.

Author: Jake

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