The key to building website traffic.

I believe we all have the same goal when it comes to developing a website. We would all like our websites and blogs to be swarming with unique visitors.

Majority of people reach what I call a website traffic stump, they develop their websites and cannot attract anymore visitors. They get the same traffic each day and cannot increase it.

Building website traffic and optimizing your website

They wonder why their not receiving any traffic. Some people think it’s their tags, some think Google is not indexing their website, and others blame it on the general SEO of their website. So they keep changing things, but the results remain the same.

Don’t get the wrong impression!

Some people are under the impression that SEO is how you build your stream of traffic. SEO is a way to help the engines determine what your website is about and to make it easier for people to get to your website. It does not build your traffic, it optimizes your website.

It isn’t easy building a reasonably good amount of traffic, It takes time and hard work to build a steady stream of traffic. It’s not only about changing your title tags and back linking from other websites.

So, what gives a website a large amount of organic traffic?

Well, simple enough and a lot of you may already know this. The main reason why websites and blogs have so much traffic is because of the CONTENT. Not just any old dribble, but unique informative content and a lot of it.

Creating unique content is hard work, but if you keep creating it, you should start to see a positive impact on your website.

Yes, keyword rich title tags and description tags play their part, but they wouldn’t be nothing without the websites content. If you want a website or blog with thousands of visitors daily then your primary goal is to produce as much unique content as you can. After all, the reason why people are at your website is because of your content.

What is “unique content”?

Unique content can be about absolutely anything as long as it is true and informative it is unique. I find that the best way for me to write unique content is to be myself. I’m not copying anyone, these are all thoughts from me and it is focused on a topic that I have a passion for.

If you don’t have a passion for your topic you may find that you’ll get bored quickly and give up. If you enjoy what you write about, you will be willing to learn more and able to provide more unique content for your visitors. I strongly believe we all have something unique to write about, finding confidence in ourselves to write about it is a different story.

Struggling to write content

It can be tough at times trying to figure out what you are going to write about next. I am not the best of writers and I often struggle to put all my thoughts down on paper.

What I have been doing recently and I feel it is working is using my note pad and choosing what I am going to write about, then writing down 5-6 points I am going to write about in each article.

I always find it tough to start, but if I start writing I can usually find my way. The best way to write an article is to just start writing and it will all come to you. Make a few notes prior to writing and you should be fine, it really isn’t that hard.

I’ve wrote content, now what?

Once you have wrote content, keep writing more and more of it! The major engines love a website that is updated frequently. 

I think of articles as a way for different types of people to get to my blog. Think about it, each article you create is almost like creating another door or pathway to your blog. A place for people to go through to get to your website.

For Example: The user goes to the search engine, types in a keyword, up comes your page or article as the result. Imagine this process with a 1000 articles, that’s a 1000 possible “doors” or “pathways” for users to get to your blog.

So, the more and more content and articles you create the more visitors you are more likely to get. The better your content is the higher your rank will be when appearing on the search engines.

Author: Jake

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