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Bootstrap is an open source responsive framework that is used by developers all over the world. It’s one of the most popular responsive frameworks there is. It’s full of resourceful documentation, It’s extremely flexible, frequently updated and most of all it works flawlessly.

Whether you’re a new developer or an experienced developer/designer looking for new responsive solutions. Your first choice should be bootstrap 3.0. I initially felt it was a little complex as I’d never used Bootstrap before, but once I sat down and did a few different tutorials myself. It was very easy to grasp.

In this short article I’ve prepared some resources, examples and tutorials for the unique responsive framework.

Download Bootstrap 3.0

First of all – here is the Download link to twitter bootstrap. On this page you’ll find extensive documentation on the framework, download links and more. Be sure to read the documentation so you can have a full understanding of the responsive utilities and bootstrap features.

50 Must Have Plugins For Extending Bootstrap

This article is one of my top resources for bootstrap. It features 50 must have plugins that enhance both the functionality and visual appearance of your bootstrap websites. From web forms to photo galleries.

50 Must have plugins for extending twitter bootstrap

Amazing Websites Built in Bootstrap

These are some of the top websites built in the bootstrap responsive framework. Though they can be found on the bootstrap website, I took the liberty of hand picking my favorite 4. These websites will easily inspire.

Riot Design

Unroll me
20 Jeans

Red Antler

Tutorials: 1. Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3.0

Let’s start with this basic article. Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. A simple article on the fundamentals of bootstrap. Including the structure, content areas and more.

Read full article.

2. An Introduction to Bootstrap 3.0: Video Course

If you really want to learn bootstrap then this is the course for you. This video course is completely free, and already has over 4000 students enrolled. It covers an introduction to bootstraps latest features, and how it is different from the other versions of Bootstrap. The videos covering components are short and to the topic including examples and sample code which is all available on github.

Start the Introduction to Bootstrap 3.0 Course.

3. Bootstrap 3 Grid Tutorial

This next tutorial is a simple tutorial explaining the new grid system and how it works.

Read This Tutorial on Bootstrap 3.0 Grids.

4. Bootstrap 3 Tutorial – Video Series

Another Bootstrap 3.0 video series. These are a series of Bootstrap 3.0 tutorials on creating a responsive website.

Watch this video

5. Mobile First with Bootstrap 3.0

In this article, you’ll learn more about whats new in bootstrap and the most important changes you’re going to find in the new Bootstrap release. The main one being that it’s responsive core is mobile first.

Mobile First with Bootstrap 3.0

6. Bootstrap Video Courses

Last we have more Bootstrap 3.0 video courses. These are free video course from on how to get up and running with Bootstrap 3.0

Bootstrap Training Tutorials

There you have it, it’s not an extensive list, but it’ll sure get you started and ready to start using the framework.

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