9 Web Business Designs for Inspiration

There are many very successful and creative web design businesses around. Each of which attracting more and more customers every single day, with their compelling designs and their customer satisfying services.

If you’re planning on setting up your own web design business then you may want to browse through these inspiring designs. I not only find the web designs inspiring but the businesses themselves inspire me.

Here are 9 motivational website designs done by design companies located all over the world. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Eazy Tiger

10 Web Business Designs For Inspiration

This web business located in England, Leicester used a mixture of black and white gradients and orange to correspond to their logo. Probably the top web business in their city with a great portfolio.


Zetagraph inspiring web business designs

Another darker website and the hint of orange to match the logo. I really like how they have a lighter gradient centered in the back to make the content stand out, good use of that effect.


10 web business designs for inspiration

I really like the use of the metal effect, my favorite part is definitely the pen smashing through the graphic.

Snowden Industries

10 web business designs for inspiration

This is one of my favorites as I really like the large header and slider together and the circular navigation hover over gives it an extra effect.

10 web business designs for inspiration

Similar colour code to the business media website, except this one has a space theme which works very well.

Internet Dreams Studio
10 web business designs for inspiration

Hands down my favorite design, I really love the use of the brush strokes and ink splatters plus the creative graphics in the slider. Great design they have done for their website. This company is also located in the UK.

Graphically Speaking
10 Web Business Designs for Inspiration

Simple and elegant approach, I like the simple use of their colours and the slider in the center.

Witty Cookie
10 Web Business Designs for Inspiration

A Web Design business located in Vancouver, Canada. As you may have noticed I like the use of the colours orange and black on websites.

Please leave a comment with your feedback, Thank you!

Author: Jake

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