6 Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best open source browsers around, with thousands of amazing free add-ons available to download. Most designers and developers prefer to use Mozilla Firefox, as it makes life a lot easier.

Here are 6 useful Mozilla Firefox add-ons that have personally made my life less complicated.

6 Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons


You may already know of this add-on, as most developers are using it, but if you don’t, basically this add-on allows you to inspect web page elements using a tool called firebug.

It was built to allow web developers and designers to monitor, edit and debug any CSS, HTML, and Javascript code live on a web page. If you don’t have this add-on then there is no doubt you will be needing it.

Go get Firebug!


LastPass provides you with a secure vault to store all your passwords in, leaving only one password for you to remember! It is ideal for developers, who can’t keep up with the hundreds of passwords that they have to work with each day. You also have the option of using an auto-login feature, so you don’t even have to click the login button! How cool is that?

The main reason why I like LastPass is because it’s an online program, allowing you to sign in to any computer that has LastPass installed. LastPass also makes it easy for you to import passwords from your previous password managers.

I would recommend this to anyone, even if you have 5 passwords. Plus LastPass is completely free.

Go get LastPass!


This is actually new to me, but I love it. So, I just had to share it with you all. It is basically an online task manager, allowing you to easily manage your to-do list from your Firefox browser. They also have a website where you can use the task manager, but I much prefer having it as a sidebar in my browser.

If you can’t keep up with your tasks and are starting to feel overwhelmed, then this is a great tool for you, it is also very easy to use.

Go get todoist


Wappalyzer is a browser extension that detects web software. Basically, how the website was built and the software it is using. It displays little icons on the right of your web address bar, allowing you to easily see what software the site is running.

It is a very handy tool for those who are curious to see how other people have developed their websites. You can find out which software Wappalyzer detects by visiting their website from the link below.

Go Get Wappalyzer

Web Developer Tool

Again, another popular add-on providing you with many different web developing tools. In all honesty, I don’t use it that much, I use it to display passwords in form fields and to see if the Javascript or CSS is working properly on a website.

However, I would still recommend it to developers, as it does have some really helpful tools that you could find a use for.

WOT (Web of Trust)

Last, but not least, Web of Trust. This add-on shows you traffic light colours to determine the safety and trustworthiness of a website. Green being good, yellow being ok and red being not trustworthy.

WOT ratings are powered by different users all around the world that have rated websites based on personal experiences.

There are some websites that receive bad ranks out of spite, but a majority of them are truthful ratings from peoples experiences. It helps you to avoid the websites that could possibly be scams or contain malicious software. This add-on is another must have.

Author: Jake

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