5 Tips On How To Sell A Website

You have the client and you have the portfolio, but you’re not the best sales person. Many people have got this far, but could never seal the deal by selling the website itself, which of course is your main goal. I am going to give you 5 simple tips to teach you how to sell a website.

They are all very simple tips, almost common sense, but some people forget to use them and they are essential to being a successful sales person.

Be Honest

How much do you hate it when you go into a store or a car lot or any place that is associated with sales reps and they constantly lie through their teeth just to sell you their product.

Because they receive a nice commission cheque every time they sell you something. They tell you that their product can work wonders, but we both know that it really doesn’t.

The same thing applies to websites, be honest with what you are going to offer to your clients. Don’t tell them that they will be at the top of every search engine if you’re not a 100 percent sure that you can do that. It isn’t worth the stress they are going to put you through if you can’t do it.

Price Reasonable

As discussed in How To Quote Your Web Design Services I explain that you should price your work based on your experience as a web designer or developer.

Now all I am telling you is to price reasonable, don’t charge sky-high prices that the established company would usually charge.. Unless you are an established business…

But if you’re not and you’re a freelance designer then quote the price a freelancer of your level would.

Base the price on the amount you feel matches your experience and the quality of the product you are going to provide to your client. Try not to scare them away with a big price tag.

If you are going to price higher, than be sure that you can explain how you have worked out the pricing for the website. That way they don’t think you just added a chunk on their quote for the hell of it.

Be Confident in Your Product

Nothing is worse for the customer to see, then you crunching up your face when they ask you questions about your web packages.. Be confident in your own product and tell them exactly how it is going to help them and their business, and at the same time be honest.

Most clients will naturally expect more than what they pay for that is why you need to tell them exactly what you’re doing for them and do not mislead them.

I am sure that they will expect twice as much, but you need to take charge and let them what you are able to do.

And why your product is worth their money…

Tell Them How To Build Traffic

The point I make here isn’t necessarily going to help you sell a website, but it’s the truth and it plays a huge part in what you are selling. It also helps you gain some credibility and shows that you actually care if they have a successful website or not.

Now I am not a 100% sure what kind of SEO services you are going to offer with your web packages or how you plan on implementing them. Maybe you’re just going to fill out their meta data and submit their website to a few web directories. Which is perfectly acceptable, but one thing that most designers and developers forget to mention is how difficult or easy it is going to be to build website traffic to the clients website.

An experienced web developer would know that once you launch a website the traffic does NOT come swarming in, it takes time.. It also takes content, unique content, which I have mentioned in a few of my articles. The client on the other hand may not have a clue on how traffic is built and they may expect the website to be viral with thousands of visitors right from the gecko.

Make sure that they are aware that website traffic comes with content, back links and some work that they may have to do themselves unless they plan on paying you extra for ongoing SEO services.

The point I’m trying to make is to tell them that the website will need to stay updated and their will be some work on their part in order for the web traffic to keep coming in.. Hey you could even send them to the key to building website traffic..

Or they could learn some ways of increasing the traffic to their website with 7 ways to increase your website traffic Whatever you decide just make sure that they know that the content will play a huge part in how successful their website is going to be.

Set and Explain Your Time Frame

Website TimeFrame

Tell your client exactly how long it is going to take for you to design and develop their website..

Also tell them that the amount of time it takes depends on how quickly they provide you with everything you need in order to design their website.. You will need their logo, content, images and anything else you feel is essential to build their website in a timely manner.

If you can, try your best to give them an exact time frame that way they know when to expect their website and will not pester you whilst you are working.

Try not to procrastinate when you have sealed the deal because the time and effort you put into this first website could possibly help you with the lead to your next website.

There you have my 5 simple but essential tips on how to sell a website, I hope you enjoyed this article, please subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with our latest articles.

Author: Jake

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