20 Creative Photoshop Video Tutorials

There is no doubt, we all know of Photoshop. Photoshop is one of the most powerful and popular tools around. It has the power to manipulate and enhance images in ways that we can’t even describe. There are so many different and amazing Photoshop tutorials, where we can create some truly amazing effects, by simply following along step by step. As the large video social sharing websites grew, so did the number of video tutorials.. And you are now able to find thousands of amazing Photoshop video tutorials online. All available for free!

In one of my latest posts 10 skill enhancing web design video tutorials. I directed you to some of the videos that help enhance your skills in web design. This time I’ll be providing the Photoshop lovers with these highly creative Photoshop video tutorials. These tutorials will help teach you new Photoshop manipulation techniques and effects using the power of videos.

I hope these tutorials become of some use to you, as they have for me… Enjoy!

1. How To Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

In this tutorial you will be learning how to apply textures to uneven surfaces.

2. Create and Then Shatter a Grid, while Making a Typographic Poster

With this tutorial you will be using typography with a dark and grungy poster. Then you will be ‘breaking the grid’ in hope of creating a nice looking layout. Very unique tutorial..

3. Photo To Line Drawing

This is an old tutorial I found on YouTube. However it’s a simple effect which you can easily create and find a use for.

4. Dazzling Photoshop Smoke Unicorn Tutorial

In this tutorial you will create a spectacular and unique smoke unicorn as shown below. This tutorial is for cs5 users of Photoshop and will teach you some new Photoshop techniques.

5. How To Change Eye Color

3 minute video tutorial that will show you how to change an eye color on a photo!

6. How-to Blur the Background in a Photo

This is a simple effect, yet I still feel it’s creative. Very quick and easy tutorial for a nice blurred background effect. Highlights a specific part of the image.

7. Sports Ad Design with Corey Barker

In this tutorial you will learn how to create this inspiring sports ad design using Photoshop CS6.

8. 3D Light Beam: A New Approach

Learn how to create this magnificent 3D light beam using Photoshop.. Which I’m sure you can easily find a use for.

9. Mystical Moonlight Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will be turning a day time image into a night time mystical moonlight effect.

10. Create Realistic Reflections

In this simple, short tutorial you will learn how to create realistic reflections. Which is truly a good technique to learn and very simple to do.

11. Create a StarCraft-Inspired Firestorm in Photoshop

Now this tutorial is a rather long one. You will be learning how to create this StarCraft inspired firestorm using Photoshop. You need to invest a lot of time to complete this tutorial.

12. Photoshopping Digital Bokeh

Learn how to Photoshop a digital bokeh with this useful video tutorial.

13. Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

Create this elegant story scene using Photoshop. This is both a video tutorial and written you choose your preference!

14. Design a Postcard in Photoshop

This is a 2 part video series. You will be learning how to create the simple postcard below using Photoshop. You can also find part 2, whic is already available on their website.

15. Create a Futuristic Concept Car in Photoshop

Learn how to create this amazing futuristic concept car using Photoshop. I’m sure you may not find a use for a futuristic car, but I can guarantee it will help enhance your Photoshop skills.

16. How To Change a Background in an Image

If you don’t know how to change a background in an image then you must watch this tutorial. Very simple tutorial that we will all need someday.

17. Got a Light?

In this tutorial you will be shown how to create this realistic effect of a burning cigar.

18. 3D Compositing

Here you will be learning how to add 3d elements to photos using lights and shadows.

19. Fiery Explosions in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will be learning how to create these magnificent fiery explosions.

20. Photoshop – Photo Manipulation

Last we have these photo manipulation tutorial. Where you will learn some simple photo manipulation.

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Author: Jake

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