15 Truly Amazing Javascript Experiments

When I first saw the astonishing JavaScript tear-able cloth on codepen (example 1). I had to put together a post of some of the most amazing JavaScript experiments I could find. This article basically demonstrates the capabilities and things you can create using the JavaScript programming language.

JavaScript is known as a dynamic prototype scripting language that can be used to control your browsers. Create experiments like so, and much more.

Even if you are not familiar with JavaScript, some of these experiments will totally blow your mind. I myself cannot believe that some of these experiments are made with pure JavaScript, truly amazing!

1. JavaScript Tear-able cloth

This is totally awesome. A tear-able cloth built using JavaScript. You can also find a copy of the code on the code pen website.

You probably won’t find a use for a tear-able cloth but it’s awesome anyway. Take a look for yourself.

2.Polygon Collision

This next one is called a Polygon Collision. This was developed by the same guy who brought you the tear-able cloth. In fact the first 4 examples in this article were all created by the same developer.

With this interactive experiment you can pick up shapes and throw them around with your mouse.

3. Ball Curve Collision

This experiment is a physics demonstration of balls colliding with each other. Click inside the element to add more balls to the screen. Plus you can click and drag to edit the curves and control the direction of where the balls fall.

4. Fluid

In this experiment the developer has created a fluid simulation. Which looks some what similar to lava lamp bubbles. You can also use your mouse to interact with these bubbles.

5. JavaScript Fireworks

In this experiment you can write your own text which will then create JavaScript Fireworks writing out the words you entered.

6. Depth of Field

In this experiment there are hundreds of balls forming different shapes and objects.

7. Falling Balls

Sure falling balls are kind of useless, but it looks good and probably took some time to develop. Go take a look at this waterfall of balls created using JavaScript.

8. Google Gravity

Google gravity is another JavaScript physics experiment. In this experiment the developer has added gravity to each element on Google’s homepage.

Lets have some fun by throwing Google around and be sure to try the search funtion for an added effect.

9. Ball Pool

The Ball Pool is a JavaScript experiment that allows you to create balls. It also allows you to change the color of them and shake your browser to bounce them around. It’s a pretty creative JavaScript example, try it out for yourself.

10. Simple JS Physics

These are some simple JS throwing physics. You can throw the balls on the screen and they bounce around as if you were throwing a tennis ball.

11. HTML5 Wave using JavaScript

This was built with HTML5 and JavaScript. It’s a wave which you can manipulate by clicking and moving your mouse.

12. Floating Cubes

Now this JS experiment is a bunch of floating cubes that spell out the word Chrome Experiment. Click and move your mouse to rotate the 3D view.

13. Many Lines

I remember there used to be an iPhone app where you could touch the screen and the lines would spin and follow your finger. Well, this JavaScript experiment is pretty much the same, except the lines follow your mouse around. It was also built with HTML5.


A falling bar-graph visualization of comments. Is based on a flash visualization that was reimplemented in JavaScript.

15. JS 909

This uses some HTML5 and Quicktime to create this nifty beat maker. You must install QuickTime for this experiment to function.

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Author: Jake

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