15 Free Visually Appealing PSD Navigation Files

The website navigation is the most important part to any website. It’s the element that has the most interaction and it’s how your visitors navigate through out your websites. It’s imperative that you have a navigation bar that is both visually appealing and extremely user friendly. In this article I will be providing you with 15 free PSD navigation bar files that will help highlight the design of your navigation menu. Also saving you the work of creating your own design, leaving you only with the development of the navigation bar.

Remember that these are only PSD files, not navigation bars. So the coding of the navigation will need to be done by yourself or your developer. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

If none of these navigation menus appeal to you, which I’m sure one of them will. But if not, be sure to check out 20 Beautifully Designed Free PSD Web Templates. With some truly amazing free psd web templates.

1. Gloss Milk Navigation

Gloss Milk is a simple and sharp navigation element which you could use on your website designs.

2. Sweet Navigation

Simple and sweet navigation psd file for your website.

3. Black & White Navigation Set

Elegant black and white navigation elements.

4. Dark Button Navigation

This is an appealing bold psd navigation menu.

5. Clean & Simple Navigation Menu

Very clean and simple navigation which would go well on any type of website.

Clean & Simple PSD Navigation

6. Simple Navigation Menu Free PSD

This is a nice simple navigation menu with dark sub menu. Focused more towards complex and bigger websites.

7. Admin Menu Bar Free PSD

This is an admin menu bar psd file that can be used for your next web app or you can use it as the main navigation for your website.

8. Tabbed Navigation Menu

This is a bright and beautiful tabbed navigation menu perfect for your clients or your own website.

9. Navigation PSD Templates

In this awesome freebie you will be receiving multiple navigation designs for free, available for you to download.

10. Free Web UI Set – Navigations, Buttons, Circles and Ribbons

Here you will be able to get your hands on this colorful design set. Free UI set, free psd navigation, buttons, circles and ribbons!

11. Apply Style Navigation

Here we have the stylish and slick Apple menu.

12. Iconic Navigation Menu bar PSD

This psd navigation is a slick iconic menu bar.

13. Mega Menu Navigation Free PSD

This simple and clean menu is a free mega menu psd navigation. Excellent for eCommerce websites of any kind.


This is an elegant menu which really highlights the navigation element. I’m sure some of you could use it with a “click me effect” hover over. The click me effect is an element that stands out and makes you want to click it.

15. Horizontal Menu

This psd navigation is a dark visually appealing horizontal menu which you could also apply a great hover effect to.

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Author: Jake

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