15 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes

I think it’s easy to say that one of the most popular web trends around has to be HTML5. It looks like a majority of developers and even designers want to learn and code using HTML5. Some of these developers have already created some of the highest quality HTML5 WordPress themes and made them completely free for download.

HTML5 comes with many new exciting features and properties that make building websites easier and much more user friendly. As WordPress is the number one blogging software and is used by developers all over the world. 15 free HTML5 WordPress themes make your life as a developer/designer so much easier and at the same time keep you and your clients updated with the latest web trends.

In this list you can find 15 free HTML5 WordPress themes and among this list you can find some responsive themes too.

Note: Click the image links to visit the download pages.

1. Sensitive

This a slick and professional fully responsive HTML5 WordPress theme built using the Bootstrap foundation. It is completely adaptable for all mobile devices and is also search engine friendly.

2. Celestial Lite

Celestial Lite is another Bootstrap framework which again is fully responsive and built using HTML5.


  • 12 Widget Areas
  • Post templates
  • Styled form elements

3. SemPress

Just posted today (April 8th 2013) we have the new SemPress theme. HTML5 template and again fully responsive WordPress theme.


  • New HTML5 input types
  • flexible width, full width template
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Simple customizable design
4. JC One Lite

I’m a big fan of these simple minimalistic white themes as they look so clean and professional and have the best readability. This theme was built using HTML5 but it is not a responsive theme.


  • Simple, clean and minimal design
  • Color configuration panel
  • Comes with basic shortcodes
5. Memori Jingga

Here we have a simple, responsive HTML5 theme with a good looking design.


  • Responsive
  • Simple Design

6. Catch Everest

Catch Everest is a simple, sharp responsive WordPress theme built in HTML5 and CSS3. This would be a good corporate type theme.


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Theme options panel for customization
  • Another simple yet elegant design

7. Ambrosia

This here is a modern and clean theme built using HTML5. It is also fully responsive.


  • Mobile Friendly

8. Catch Box

Catch box was developed by the same developer/developers who brought you the Catch Everest theme. A nice simple and clean responsive design, built in HTML5 and CSS3.


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom Menus
  • Featured Sliders
  • Yahoo, Bing Site Verification
9. Chun

Chun is a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Portfolio and blogging theme that contains a unique design, but is ideal for showcasing a portfolio.


  • Custom content portfolio plugin
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom layout options
10. Twenty Ten Five

Twenty Ten Five is a WordPress theme introducing HTML5 to WordPress and it is also an upgrade to the default WordPress theme Twenty Ten.

11. Foundation

Foundation is my favorite responsive framework and you can also download it as a WordPress theme for GitHub. Of course built ius


  • Completely Mobile Friendly
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Multiple widget areas
  • Clean code
12. Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

Handcrafted WP starter theme is a theme specific for developers that are building more than blogs! This started theme is built off the HTML5 boilerplate.


  • Full HTML5 Markup
  • Post formats
  • Dashboard Widgets
13. Blogolife

Blogolife is a simple and well designed HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme.


  • Post Formats
  • Customization options
  • Multiple color schemes
14. Swift

Swift is a simple and minimalistic HTML5 WordPress theme.


  • Multiple customization options
  • Post formats
  • Post types
  • Custom menus
15. Simplify

Last but not least we have one very professionally designed theme built in HTML5 and with CSS3.


  • Customization Options
  • Full Width Template
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Author: Jake

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