15 Free Fonts For Web Designers and Graphic Designers

Selecting a font for your design is just as important as building your overall layout. Your chosen font plays the biggest role on your website. It highlights the most important element, your content. We all know the importance of our content and it’s our responsibility to make the readability of the website flow and look elegant at the same time. With fonts for web designers, this can easily be done by selecting a font that not only makes your website easily read, but also helps enhance the quality of your design and makes your website look more professional.

Because of the new @font-face css3 property. We now have the ability to select and download any font we want. Then upload it to our website and use it…

In this resource I am going to provide you with 15 free fonts for web designers and graphic designers. Which you can use on your website designs, graphic designs, in your headings and any logos you may have. A majority of these fonts are from my favorite font resource, fontsquirrel.


Very common font among web designers. Though I’ve not actually used it on my blog. I have used it for other designs. This font is perfect for headings, wouldn’t use it for the main copy.

2. Amble

Amble is a bold attractive font which you can use for text or headings.


Aaargh is a simple slick text perfect for your content.

4. Caviar Dreams

Caviar dreams is an elegant font for web designers to use.

5. Calligraffiti

Calligraffiti is a caligraphic font. Ideal for graphic designers.

6. Delicious

Another simple and attractive text font.

7. Changa One

This font is from Google web fonts. I have used it in a few different designs and note that it actually looks way better when you download it.

8. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a neat script font which you can use in your graphic designs.

9. Quicksand

Quicksand is one of my favorite fonts. I’ve used it on several designs and still do.

10. Candal

Candal is a nice bold and simple font for designers.

11. 3DUMB

3DUMB is a different kind of font. Would be better for graphic designers, but I really like the look of it.


If you’re looking for an alternative to BEBAS. Here you have a font called langdon which looks pretty similar.

13. Open Sans

Open sans is a very popular font among designers and it’s great for all purposes.


Here we have the decorative impact label font. I’m sure one of you talented designers will find a use for it.

15. Architects Daughter

I’m really starting to grow on these hand drawn fonts. This is a hand drawn font known as the architects daughter.

There you have 15 simple and unique fonts for web designers that you should consider using. I know there are only 15, but I was trying to keep the list small to make your decision easier.

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Author: Jake

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