15 Free Call to Action PSD Buttons

Hey guys, sorry for the long break, but I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had any time to post new content. But, I’m back at it again… Today’s article is on call to action buttons. Call to actions are concise, attractive and attention grabbing action buttons that prompt the user to engage. In this simple resource I’ve compiled a short list of 15 free call to action PSD buttons. Some are not direct call to action buttons, but could easily be modified to suit your needs. For my most recent project I needed some quick, attractive buttons to use as strong CTA’s (call to actions). These were the few buttons I came across and figured they could be of use to you all. Please like and share with your friends and fellow designers. Also another interesting read is this article on best practices and examples of call to actions. It’ll help you have a better understanding of where to place them and how to use them.

1. Store Buttons

Here are 2 stylish apple store buttons on a blurred background. As I said, could be modified for other purposes.


2. Flat UI Buttons

A collection of flat UI buttons that could be used for multiple of projects. Also retina ready.


3. Patterned Web Buttons: Free PSD

Here are a set of free web buttons that you can use in your sites and app UIs. The buttons have a subtle pattern overlay and are ideal for a call to action.

4. Big Download Button

A big green call-to-action download button. Grab the free layered PSD that you can use in your projects, even commercial, with no attribution required.

5. Download Button PSD

A perfectly crafted download button. Beautiful, subtle gradients, a glassy border, and an accompanying icon. It’s simple to change the colour or text and use this in your own design.


6. Buttons by Gil Huybrecht

Simple buttons that could be used for Call to Actions.


7. Flat Buttons

More flat buttons, this here is a colourful little set of simple flat buttons with icons that you could use on your website.


8. Simple Buy Buttons

9. Add To Bag

This concise, bright, bold, call to action. It’s a subtle price card / shopping cart sidebar, with icons for basic user interactions, and some simple, obvious information about shipping and returns.

10. Simple Classy Buttons

Enjoy these simple classy call to actions in multiple colours. Easy to use in your next app or web interface.

11. Mint UI Kit PSD

I realized this is a UI kit, but these buttons could be easily used for a great call to action.

12. Chunky Buttons PSD

Ultimately for the website I was creating. I ended up using these “chunky buttons” and changed the colour.

13. Bright 3D Buttons

These beautiful bright 3D buttons could be great call to action buttons. Download the PSD and use it for your next project.

14. 3D Red Isolated Button

I don’t know what it is about this button, but I just want to push it. Definitely a good way to get someone to click your CTA.

15. Marketplace Buttons Free PSD

If you sell on the envato marketplace, these buttons may look familiar. This is the last layered PSD file for you to download.

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Author: Jake

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