15 eCommerce Web Designs for Your Inspiration.

I know it’s been a really long time since I wrote for develop-a-website.com, but life has been crazy since my last website post. I’ve experienced a huge career change and now have my own eCommerce business. First year in business I generated over half a million in sales and that’s why I had shifted all my energy into that project and have grown that business like crazy. Exooto Media is my new business venture, check it out for your own inspiration.

Strangely enough, in the process of learning to run my own business I never shifted away from web development. I’m always working on my eCommerce store and constantly utilizing my web design skills, more so now than when I worked as a web developer. One thing I’m always doing is searching the internet for other successful ecommerce stores and using their websites for my own inspiration.

I’ll tell you one thing, there are far too many of them out there! Today I’ve compiled a list of the eCommerce stores that gave me the most inspiration and I immediately felt drawn too when visiting their website. If you have any good ones to suggest of your own. Feel free to contact me.

Note: click images to visit websites.

1. Sierra Designs

When I came across Sierra Designs I immediately wanted that to be my own website. It’s super fast, the navigation makes you want to click it and there is so much white space! It’s possibly one of the most “simplest” websites I’ve come across and it works extremely well. The image below doesn’t do it any justice make sure you check out the link.

eCommerce website design for inspiration

2. Harrys

Harrys has been mentioned a few times over my blog. This website is another that utilizes so much white space and it works very well for them. Harrys are a multi-million dollar company and probably have a team of designers developing their website. How they showcase their products has to be the best part. See for yourself.

3. Hincapie

Hincapie is a cycling clothing company that has an extremely detailed eCommerce website. The artwork on this website is on point and how it all blends together is what makes this website look so professional. It’s extremely easy to navigate and highly detailed.

4. Endy Sleep

Endy sleep is a Toronto based mattress company. It’s Canada’s fastest growing sleep company. What I love about Endy Sleep is that the design conveys this huge amount of trust. As soon as I land on the website I feel like I trust the business. I know that sounds kind of silly, but I really do believe that design elements and colours convey different emotions and there’s something about this design that makes you trust it. Aside from that it’s a well presented website and makes you want to go sleep, but in a good way.

5. DiBruno Bros

If this Gourmet food website doesn’t make you hungry then I don’t know what will. This website has a really unique design with a “marble” looking navigation, having said that it works very well for the company and displays all the right information in the right places. The slider really entices you to click, the two categories below are placed in an eye catching area and underneath you also have a little about story that allows you to learn a little about the business history.

6. Exooto Media

Nothing like blowing my own horn.. This is my website and I’m not trying to brag, but I’m really proud of my eCommerce website design. I used a premium theme as the framework, but the design and layout is all what I’ve put together. It’s not the best eCommerce site in the world and could use some improvement, but it’s pretty darn good if I do say so myself ;). Hopefully this design could inspire some of you to create your own ecommerce stores or build some for your clients.

7. Hardgraft

I came across this site by accident. I was reading some Shopify comments and someone mentioned this website so I figured I’d check it out. It’s so elegant and simple, soon as you land on the page its like bam here’s what we’re about and below are our products. No sales BS, straight to the point and looks great.

8. Norwegian Rain

This is a very simple web design, but the thing that this company does well are its pictures. You can have the best navigation and design in the world, but if your pictures don’t look good your site doesn’t look good. They utilize their photography to it’s full potential and that’s why there site looks great. Good job Norwegian Rain.

9. Lobagola

This Bed & Breakfast business has such a unique design. When you land on the page you’re presented with a beautiful slider as you scroll through it it rotates 360″ as you scroll through which I’ve never seen before. The only issue I had with this site is the loading speed, but I can understand why because of all the animated details. It’s not your typical ecommerce website with products for sale, the eCommerce side of it are the rooms that you get to view and purchase on the spot.

10. Shun Cutlery

This website is another simple & clean site. You’re probably starting to see a pattern of my design choice. It’s always the clean designs that I’m drawn too. There isn’t anything negative to say about a clean design and that’s why I love them so much. Shun Cutlery is exactly that with a ton of white space and world class photography to showcase their products.

11. Glitty

With Glitty I’m a huge fan of the design and I’m also a huge fan of the product. Their product display is brilliant which really compliments the site design. There design has a large featured slider and a collage of product images. This type of design is becoming increasingly popular in eCommerce and is a great way to showcase your products.

12. Fontstore

Built by German designers this website should be my number 1 as it was my favourite design this far and there is absolutely no white space!?! If you visit this site, check out that animated front element. All these pictures do the websites no justice so be sure to visit them for that full ecommerce experience. This is a must visit design.

13. Camelbak

Built by Digital Surgeons this website is a hydration focused business promoting drinkwear and more. Digital surgeon designers have built some magnificent websites, number 14 is also one of their websites.

14. Samuelsohn

Another digital surgeon website this is a beautiful clean website that you need to visit. Though one thing I can’t get my head around is if that guy is dancing or about to take a shot on net.

15. Myfitmode.com

Last, but certainly not least. This is a great example of a product landing page with a really unique black, white & a hint of yellow design. Be sure to check this guy out.

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