15 Awesome & Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are a busy freelance web designer. You are always looking for innovative and creative ways to save one thing. Time! Well today my friends, I’m giving away free time because I can save you endless hours of designing websites with these free responsive HTML5 templates.

The great thing about templates, is you have something to show right off the bat. When I was a full time web designer I’d use templates on a daily basis to showcase what I could do for the customer.

In my case I used elegant themes for 95% of the business. Even though Elegant Themes is a premium service you still get 88 templates that you can use on as many websites as you like.

Aside from that most people are quite visual so having something for them to see right away saves a huge amount of time and allows you to get right down to business. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to create a proof design concept since we switched to Elegant Themes.

1. Made Two – A Business HTML5 Template

This is a fully responsive HTML5 template for your business. Perfect to showcase a specific product or even an application.

2. Invention – HTML5 Free Bootstrap Template

Full screen HTML5 responsive bootstrap template. You could use this template for multiple websites. Business, creative or even a product showcase. Could change out some of the images for text also. With bootstrap you have huge customization capabilities.

3. LandingZero – Free Landing Page Bootstrap HTML5 Template with Video Background

This is a single landing page built with Bootstrap in HTML5, it’s the perfect free landing page.

4. Best Floor an Interior Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Excellent template built with HTML5, CSS3 and some jQuery.

5. Euro Travel – Free Responsive Travel Agency HTML5 Bootstrap Template

This HTML5 Bootstrap template is of course ideal for a travel agency company, but don’t let that limit you. You could use this design for a huge variety of businesses.

6. Fabrication – HTML5 Bootstrap Responsive Template

Another bootstrap responsive template, built in HTML5. Perfect for a construction/engineering type business and many more.

7. Watches – eCommerce Bootstrap Free Template

A great starter eCommerce template for your clients or your next project. If you’re an avid wordpress developer this would be a great theme to convert to WordPress.

8. Ustora HTML5 eCommerce Template

This is a real simple HTML5 ecommerce template, but it’s completely free built with HTML5, fully responsive and could be built upon.

9. Forty – Free Responsive HTML5 Template

A beautiful free responsive html5 template you could use for your portfolio and a whole bunch of uses.

10. Hyperspace – Free Responsive HTML5 Template

Great template for a 1 man design agency, you can showcase your work, tell a little story and have your contact details all on one page with this beautiful free, premium looking responsive html 5 template. Designed and built by HTML5 UP.

11. Dithy – Free HTML 5 Business Template

Another bootstrap template, this template would be perfect for any start up business. Dithy is a complete html5 theme with full responsive capabilities and a premium looking design. It costs zero dollars.

12. Solid State – Free HTML5 Responsive Template

This is one of my favourite HTML5 templates, I love this design, no particular reason why I like everything about it. It’s a real slick looking website and would be excellent for any web design agencies or lone wolf freelancers. Again designed by HTML5 up.

13. Eventually HTML5 Responsive Template

This elegant full screen html5 template is a simple site with one goal capturing email addresses. Would be good for any lead capturing campaigns with a few modifications.

14. Photon – Free HTML5 Responsive Template

These last few templates are all from HTML5 UP and that is simply because they are some of the best free templates I have seen. Sure they don’t compare to the premium themes on themeforest, but these are well developed.

15. Prologue – Free HTML5 Responsive Template

Last template is Prologue a creative website template that uses a sidebar navigation. This template would be ideal for aspiring freelancers or those looking to create an online resume.

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Author: Jake

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