12 Inspiring Flat Web Design Style Examples

We all need a bit of inspiration now and then. As the flat web design style is one of the most latest web design trends. I figured I’d put together an inspiring list of 12 flat design style examples.

For those who don’t know, basically the flat web design style is a trend that doesn’t consist of regular elements that are used for everyday web designs. Such as gradients, drop shadows and certain textures. Flat design focuses mainly on using solid colors and typography giving the website a nice minimal and smooth effect and at the same time highlighting the content.

What I’d Like To Know

Now to some people the flat web design style is not very appealing. I personally love this amazing design trend and I am considering re-designing my blog. What I want to know is what do you think of the flat design trend?

Do you love it, like it, or hate it? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

1. Designmodo

Designmodo have put together an excellent example of the flat web design style. They also have their own flat design framework which you can purchase and use on your own websites.

2. Float Design

Float design are a small web design company who have built a great example of a website using the flat design style.

3. SpellTower

SpellTower is a game that uses the flat design style to bring out the best of their website.

4. Zurb Foundation

The responsive framework foundation have created a top example of a responsive flat website design.

5. Built By Buffalo

One of the favorites for flat web design is the built by buffalo website. A small web design company in the UK.

6. Design Zoom

Design zoom is another design company based in India who have created an elegant website using the flat style.

7. Play Hundreds

Play hundreds is another inspiring website that makes great use of solid colors.

8. Microsoft

The Microsoft websites never fail to impress. In this example they have used a solid color slider and a consistent flat style through out the website.

9. Minimal Monkey

Minimal Monkey is a slick and smooth flat web design that you must see.

10. Mud

Mud uses a beautiful light blue and dark navigation using the flat design style. Mud is another awesome web design business located in the UK.

11. January Creative

January Creative is another design business that have created an elegant flat style web design for their website.

12. FitBit

Last but not least we have FitBit, another magnificent flay style design with a variety of appealing colors.

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Author: Jake

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