12 Free Simple Drupal Themes

There is always a demand for simple Drupal themes. Why? Well because a simple theme is the perfect solution for a web developer. They can use these simple themes as base themes for any type of project.

Especially for a clients business type website. That way you have your template, your markup and can style the website with minimal code. It saves you time and could possibly save you money. In this article you can find 10 simple Drupal themes for all you Drupal lovers.

These themes are in no specific order, I just wrote them as I found them. They are also all Drupal 7 themes.

1. Zen

Zen is one of the most popular themes within Drupal. If you have not yet had a chance to use the Zen theme then you are missing out. The Zen theme is a fully responsive HTML5 theme that is perfect for developers or anyone who plans on creating a design which is completely custom.

To visit the Zen theme download page, click here.

Zen Simple Drupal Theme

2. Simple7

It couldn’t be any simpler than Simple7, as you can see it is a very white and simple theme with minimal design. Another great base theme for developers.

To visit the Simple7 download page, click here.

Simple7 Simple Drupal Theme

3. Simple Corporate

Simple corporate isn’t the simplest theme but it does have a simple design which I love and is perfect for any business type website that plans to develop their website using Drupal. As you can see it is quite an elegant designed theme which comes with a wide variety of features.

To visit the Simple Corporate download page, click here.

Simple Corporate Drupal Theme
4. Business

Want to get your business type theme up and running quickly? The Business theme is perfect for a quick setup with its clean and column adjustable layout plus the decent and simple design is a bonus.

To visit the Business theme download page, click here.

Business Simple Drupal Theme
5. Clean Theme

The clean theme has a very simple and minimalistic design that is perfect for bloggers and business websites. It is a HTML5 structured theme with a fixed width and a configurable layout.

To visit the Clean Theme download page, click here.

Clean Theme Drupal

6. Bluejems

Bluejems is a simple web theme with a simple blue and white layout. Trotoar is the base theme for Bluejems which will be required for download, to use Bluejems.

To visit the Bluejems download page, click here.

bluejems simple drupal theme

7. Beauty Theme

Beauty theme is a simple and elegant theme which is built in HTML5 and is fully responsive, being viewable on any mobile device. It’s a very clean design and is ideal for a blog or news type of website. On the demo it says buy this theme for $35, but you can download it for free from the link below.

To visit the Beauty Theme download page, click here.

Beauty Theme Drupal

8. Artica

This theme has a Drupal 7 version in beta, but it has an awesome design and is fully responsive. This is one of my favorite themes, artica is a clean base theme that comes with the main features you need for modern theme development.

To visit the Artica theme download page, click here.

Artica Drupal Theme
9. Writer

Writer is your blogging theme for developers. A simple Drupal theme perfect for bloggers. Built using HTML5 and is fully responsive. One of the simplest themes on this list.

To visit the Write theme download page, click here.

Writer Simple Drupal Theme
10. Elementary

Elementary is another simple and responsive theme made for blogging. Very simple theme that’s focus is the content and typography.

Visit the Elementary Download Page.

Elementary Simple Drupal Theme
11. Dingus

Dingus is a clean, simple and white Drupal theme. This theme is minimally maintained and there will be no further development on the theme, but I believe it is still fully functional and if you’re a developer you could maintain it yourself. Don’t let it go to waste.

To visit the dingus download page, click here.

Dingus Simple Drupal Theme
12. AdaptIC

Start your clean Drupal website with a fully responsive simple Drupal theme like adaptIC. Fully responsive, nice and white, and very simple..

To visit the adaptIC download page, click here.

Adaptic Drupal Theme

Now you have 12 perfect, simple themes for you to use on your clients, your new projects or just for a play around.

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Author: Jake

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