11 Recommended Drupal Modules

Drupal is one of the most popular and best types of CMS along with WordPress. It comes with thousands of downloadable themes and modules, allowing you to easily extend and customize your Drupal website functionality. I have put together 11 recommended Drupal modules out of over 20,000 modules that can be downloaded for free from the Drupal website.

You could consider some of these modules as mandatory Drupal modules as they would most likely be needed for other modules to function correctly. But for anyone who is new to Drupal, this list will help you obtain your starting base of modules for your own Drupal website.


Views is a powerful module for Drupal. The module lets you pull content from your database and display it in ways to fit your needs. You can use views to customize the way elements are displayed on your website such as, posts, galleries, forums and much more.

Views Module For Drupal

To Visit The Views Module For Drupal Click Here.

2. Chaos Tool Suite (CTools)

Chaos Tool Suite For Drupal

The chaos tool suite does more than one thing hence the words “tool suite” it’s basically a set of tools that improves experience for developers as mentioned in its description and it helps other modules run more smoothly. CTools is also listed under dependencies for the Views module

To Visit CTools Click Here.

3. Token

Token module for Drupal

The token module provides a centralized API for using placeholders that are replaced with text. Tokens do not provide any visual functions. To learn more about tokens I would suggest reading the documentation, The reason why I am recommending the tokens module is because it’s a dependency of many other useful modules that you will most likely be using with your Drupal website.

To Visit The Token Modules Click Here.

4. Pathauto

Pathauto module for Drupal

Pathauto modules generates different URL/path aliases for different kinds of content. It’s another one of those required modules that a lot of great modules need to function.

To Visit The Pathauto Module Click Here.

5. Administration Menu

Administration module for Drupal

One of my favorite modules has to be the administration menu, it makes life so much easier as a developer/administrator of a Drupal website. Providing you with administrative interface that allows you quick access to the different functions that Drupal offers. If you’re familiar with Drupal then you will understand more of how this module makes managing a Drupal website so much easier. For those who are coming from a different CMS this module will allow you to understand the fundamentals of Drupal a lot quicker too.

To Visit Administration Menu Module Click Here.

6. Wysiwyg

wysiwyg module for Drupal

For those of you who do not know what wysiwyg stands for, it stands for “What You See Is What You Get” In other words you will see what your website will look like. The Wysiwyg module allows you to use client side editors to modify your content. Personally I prefer to use the HTML editor but for those of us who like using the wysiwyg editors then this is the module you will need to set that up. It doesn’t provide the editor itself, it’s what you need in order to use an editor, you can find a list of supported editors in the “configuration > wysiwyg profiles” of your Drupal installation, once you have activated the module.

To Visit The Wysiwyg Module Click here.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics module for Drupal

Of course you’re going to need Google Analytics to keep track of your website visitors and provide you with thorough statistics.

To Visit The Google Analytics Module Click Here.

8. Webform

Webform Module for Drupal

If you need personalized contact forms or would like to conduct web surveys on your website then you should consider downloading the Webform module. This module also sends out automated emails to the users once filling out the form which you are able to modify in the administrative side of your Drupal website.

To Visit The Webform Module Click Here.

9. SEO Tools

SEO Tools Module for Drupal

SEO tools suite, is a bunch of modules that provide, keyword research, keyword management, meta tags, XML site maps, analytics and much more.. It’s an All in One SEO for Drupal. There are a good 15 modules that will need to be installed to use SEO tools, however you can use a one click installation using Apps which downloads all the modules for you. That way you don’t have to manually install each module and enable it in the modules section of your Drupal site. To install SEO tools using a one click installation follow these instructions here to add Apps to your existing Drupal website. Then download “SEO Tools” in the Apps section.

Or visit the module page here.

10. Addthis

AddThis Module for Drupal

AddThis is the number one social media bookmarking tool that allows users to share your website content to their social media accounts. It is definitely a must have module because why would you not want people to share your content and promote your website for you?..

To Visit the AddThis Module Click Here.

11. Ubercart

Ubercart Module for Drupal

If you plan on selling anything whether it be a downloadable eBook or a few of your own products then you want to use the ubercart platform to sell these through. Ubercart comes with many different product features such as file downloads, role promotions, flexible product creation system and more.

To Learn More About The Ubercart Module Click Here.

To browse through more Drupal modules visit the modules section of the Drupal website.

I hope you find a use for this article and good luck with your Drupal website!

Author: Jake

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