11 Fixed Header Navigation Tutorials You Should Try

Adding a fixed header navigation bar to your website accomplishes several things. It makes your website more user friendly to your audience. It gives your website that extra touch, and it allows for people to easily navigate your website while scrolling through your content. In most cases a fixed navigation bar is more appropriate for those with a lot of written content, but it can be used on any type of web design.

A common argument amongst designers is deciding on the use of the fixed navigation bar. Many designers feel that the fixed navigation bar takes up too much valuable room on the screen and isn’t that great on the eyes. Then there are those who feel it’s a very helpful element that gives their users a convenient way to access the navigation.

Personally I can see the argument from both perspectives, but the fixed navigation bar is continually growing on me and as the trend grows, so does my love for it. I’ve even started to have a few clients request it.

What’s your preference? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

In this article I’ll be supplying you with 11 fixed navigation tutorials that will help you easily design and develop your own fixed header navigation. I’ll also be providing you with some resourceful articles on the topic.

The Use of The Fixed Navigation Bar

These first few links are some resourceful articles on the fixed header navigation bar and how it is trending on the web. Use them for inspiration and to learn a little more about the trend.

Fixed Headers and Navigation Bars Used in Web Design

22 Examples of Fixed Position Navigation in Web Design

Also on a similar topic Smashing Magazine explains why sticky menus are quicker to navigate

Fixed Header Navigation For WordPress

As I received more requests for the fixed header navigation bar I started digging deeper into fixed navigation plugins for WordPress. I tried several, but ended up with the best results using the WordPress Sticky Header Plugin.

This plugin adds a simple fixed navigation bar to your website and gives you multiple customization options.

Create a sticky navigation header using jQuery
Fixed Navigation Bar in CSS & HTML

Very simple tutorial using both html & css, on how to create a fixed navigation bar.


Simple Steps for Creating a Fixed Navigation Bar

This fixed header navigation tutorial appears only after moving beyond the header navigation. You set the amount of space you want to be scrolled through until your fixed navigation bar appears.


How to Create a Fixed Navigation Bar For Your Website

Enhance the usability of your website with this fixed navigation bar built using HTML & CSS


Creating Fixed Headers With CSS

This, well thought out, easy to understand CSS3 video tutorial will show you how easy it is to create a fixed header with CSS.

ON-Scroll Animated Header

Once a certain amount of the page has been scrolled through this unique animated header will adjust it’s size and become fixed at the top.

Simple CSS Fixed Header

A simple video walk through on how to create a simple css fixed header.

How To Create a Simple Collapsing Header Effect

Create this simple collapsing header effect using a tutorial from line25.

How to Create a Fixed Header in WordPress

In this tutorial the author takes you through how they created their new fixed header and implemented it into their new Genesis theme.

Sticky Position (Bar) with CSS or jQuery

This super simple tutorial shows you how to create a sticky position navigation bar using CSS and some jQuery. It’s always good to learn a little jQuery.

Coding a Single-Page Sliding Website With a Fixed Navigation
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