10 Recommended WordPress Plugins

There’s quite the wide range of WordPress plugins on the internet, each of which having their own custom functions and features. I’ve put together a list of 10 Recommended WordPress plugins that I would almost consider mandatory for an everyday WordPress blog.

If you have any other plugins you would like to add to the list then please let us know.. Hope you enjoy this short list of awesome plugins!

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This search engine optimization plugin would be considered mandatory if you plan on using SEO for your website or blog.. Which you should be if you want any visitors! This plugin provides you with a full page analysis so you can be sure that the SEO title, description, keywords and other elements of your blog are optimized to their full potential.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

Click Here To Visit The WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin.

2. Google Analytics.

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Track your website or blog visitor statistics with Google Analytics. Every blog owner needs to sign up to Google Analytics to receive in-depth research and analytic s about their web traffic.

Click Here To Visit The Google Analytics Plugin.

3. WordPress Related Posts.

WordPress Related Posts Plugin

I’m sure you have noticed on many other blogs the “Related Posts” section located underneath most articles. Well I always think that it’s best to give your readers options, so this plugin reached my recommended WordPress plugins. This plugin basically generates a list of related posts with thumbnails at the bottom of your articles, it also provides click through statistics too.

Click Here To Visit The WordPress Related Posts Plugin.

4. WP mash social media widget

WP mash social media widget

A social media widget that is used in your sidebar, there’s an example of this plugin featured in my sidebar. It allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest into your blog sidebar. I wouldn’t say that this plugin is mandatory but I think that all blogs should consider using this awesome social media plugin, so I’ve added it to the list.

Click Here To Visit WP MashSocial Widget

5. Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin

Subscribe to comments allows users to subscribe to email notifications of their comments. I think that every blog needs to support this feature as it helps with keeping the interaction on your blog.

Click Here To Visit Subscribe to Comments

6. Multicolor Subscribe Widget

Multicolor Subscribe Widget for WordPress

Keep your readers up to date with your blog, with an opt in subscribe widget for users to subscribe by email to your RSS feed. Plus a color picker to customize your subscribe widget to match your blog theme.

Click Here To Visit Multicolor Subscribe Widget”

7. Socialize
Socialize Plugin for WordPress

Here is my 2nd social media plugin, this one allows you to add a floating social media bar wherever you want it to be displayed on your blog. The reason why I wanted to add this plugin to the list is because it was the only social media plugin that didn’t look ugly and had the most customization options. If you want the floating social media bar that most blogs use then I would hands down recommend you to use the Socialize plugin.

Click Here To Visit The Socialize Plugin

8. WPtouch
WPtouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

One of my favorite plugins has to be WPtouch. This plugin basically creates a simple and elegant mobile theme for your blog, so when users check your blog out on a mobile device they will have the pleasure of using your Mobile friendly theme WPtouch. This plugin supports devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+ mobile devices, and more!

Click Here To Visit WPtouch Plugin

9. WP About Author
WP About Author Plugin

Always a good idea to let your readers know who’s writing what their reading. The about the author plugin does exactly that it takes your WordPress about bio and social media links and adds them to the bottom of each post you create. Some moderate CSS styling will be required if you plan to make any style changes to match your blog theme. You can make some of these customizations in the admin side or create CSS classes.

Click Here To Visit WP About Author Plugin

10. Newsletter

Newsletter WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want to use the multicolor subscribe widget and would prefer to have your own email newsletter then the newsletter plugin is perfect for you. This plugin allows you to collect subscribers to your blog, plus it has unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails which not many plugins are offering out for free.

Click Here To Visit The Newsletter WordPress Plugin

There is your list of 10 recommended WordPress plugins for your blog, if you have any suggestions or feedback please leave your comment below.

Author: Jake

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