10 Websites To Help Promote Your Blog

One of the hardest things to starting a blog is getting those re-peat visitors and building your blog a steady stream of traffic. It’s time-consuming and hard work to promote your blog as the internet is so highly competitive.

Having resources and already established websites which you can use to submit your new articles too is a great way to help increase your traffic, your page rank and promote your blog.

These types of websites will never go out of fashion and it’s always good to have an extensive list which you can use to promote your blog. I have put together 10 promotional websites which I have used and I’m currently using to submit my content too. These websites have all helped increase the traffic to my blog and I also use them as resources to find other development blogs in which I can use for guest posting, another effective way of increasing the traffic to my blog.

Web Design Promotional Blogs

The first seven websites are all web design, web development and graphic design related. These are all suggested websites that you should use to promote your blog.

1.The Web Blend

The Web Blend

The Web Blend is one of my favorite web design submission websites, I have seen a good increase in my traffic since I have been regularly using the web blend. The more active you are, the more traffic you receive. It also helps me to keep up to date with the latest web development news plus I use it for blog guest posting.

2. Design Bump

Design Bump

Design Bump is very similar to the web blend and you pretty much use it in the same way.. Again for blog posting and submitting your web development related articles and content.

3. Design Float
Design Float

Another place to submit your design related articles is to Design Float. With design float you need to submit your stories then one of the administrators manually needs to approve and publish it.

dzone for developers

DZONE is where you would go to submit your web development articles too. It is the place to find all the latest news on the web and is aimed towards software developers and architects.

5. zaBox


zaBox offers design articles, tutorials and resources for web designers and more. Discover and submit your own articles and content with zaBox.

6. Graphic Design Links


I think it’s pretty obvious to say that Graphic Design Links is where you go to submit your graphic design content! Same concept as the other websites except it’s for graphic design and graphic designers. Inspiration, tutorials and more related graphic design content.

7. Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity is another web design and development focused resource for you to submit your articles too. It has tutorials, inspiration and interviews with other professionals in your field. This is also manually maintained so admin staff will have to approve your submitted articles. This is to maintain the relevance of the websites content.

All Topic Promotional Websites

The next 3 websites are great resources for you to submit your articles too, no matter what kind of article it may be. These 3 websites are very popular and are aimed at all kinds of topics. They have a wide variety of users but not all of them will be interested in your web design articles. I personally submit most of marketing and social media articles to these types of promotional websites as they have a wider audience.
You could generate some serious traffic from these websites if you are submitting quality content and are receiving some good feedback from the users.

8. StumbleUpon
Stumble Upon

You may have already heard of StumbleUpon as it is an extremely popular website. It is also one of the best resources for extra traffic and a great place to submit your newest articles too. If you manage to receive a lot of likes to any of your stumble pages you will start to see quite a nice amount of traffic coming to your blog. It’s also a great way to increase your page rank..

I think out of the 10 promotional websites I have listed here, if you get this one right you could bring in the most traffic with StumbleUpon alone. So keep writing producing great content.

9. Digg


Digg is another popular website which you can submit your links too. I personally would submit marketing and social media articles only as I don’t see a web design tutorial being the top hit on Digg. But you never know.. Digg is the place to go for your top and popular stories. You may not see much traffic from Digg, but if your article goes viral you don’t know what kind of impact it could have on your blog. So I would always submit your articles to Digg.

10. Chime.in

Chime.in is a social network about your interests. It is also a great place for us bloggers to submit our articles too and reel in some extra traffic. Sign up and begin submitting your quality content!

So now you have 10 useful and resourceful websites for you to submit your content too.. My advice would be to sign up to each of them and see which ones work out best for you. Maybe all of them will help promote your blog and you may start to pull in some serious extra traffic.

Remember to use them appropriately and do not spam. I feel that 10 promotional websites gives you a reasonable amount to choose from, so bookmark this page and come back to it each time you write a new article so you can submit all your content.

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think of our 10 websites to help promote your blog.

Author: Jake

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