10 Skill Enhancing Web Design Video Tutorials and Resources

Want to learn more about web design and development through video tutorials? Perfect, in this article I am going to provide you with some high quality web design video tutorials. Which will simply make your life easier and help you to learn new things.

True web designers/developers never stop learning and are always open minded about learning new skills and techniques.

Are you one of these people that prefers to learn through watching videos as oppose to reading text books?

That’s OK… Because I feel exactly the same way. It’s just so much easier to pick up new things when you can see them in action. I also find that it’s more fun and interesting when someone is explaining it to you and you’re able to follow along with them through out a video.

These video tutorials are not just on web design, but development and coding too. You will learn things such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and I’m sure a few other things. There are also far more than 10 video tutorials here as some of the links below point to websites with 50+ video tutorials.

I know, you can thank me later…

1. Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3 – Video Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial that teaches you how to create a responsive website using both HTML5 and CSS3. This tutorial is just over an hour long and you also have the option of downloading the source files.

2. Creating a Simple Contact Form Part 1

This is a 4 part video series where you will learn how to create a simple contact form using HTML and PHP.

3. E – Commerce Website Tutorial, Admin, Shopping Cart, PayPal

If you’re learning PHP and want a project to help enhance your skills. Then you might want to try out this video series on creating a eCommerce website from scratch. It’s probably not for beginners. But it is a great tutorial and the source code is available for each video.

4. Slice and Dice that PSD

In this tutorial you will be slicing and dicing a PSD file and converting it to HTML and CSS. This is an excellent tutorial for someone who is new to web design and is planning on learning the basics. This is also a video series.

5. Learn HTML5

This is a little a treat for you. Here we have 53 videos which will show you almost everything you need to know about HTML5. Of course this is very time consuming, but you will learn a lot of new things.

6. Create a Register & Login System

What better place to learn PHP then at the PHP Academy. These are 44 videos explaining and teaching you how to code your own register and login system from scratch, using PHP.

7. 15 Essential JavaScript Video Tutorials

If you’re completely new to JavaScript and want to learn more about it. These 15 JavaScript video tutorials are essentials for you to learn more.

8. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more…

This isn’t just one single tutorial. This is a bunch of awesome video tutorials teaching you things from HTML5 to JavaScript, brought to you by thecodeplayer.com. These are not just regular video tutorials. These play a video of the code being written, for you to follow along with.

9. Learn CSS: top 10 tutorial videos

New to CSS and want to learn more? In this article you can find top 10 video tutorials teaching you different things about CSS.

10. jQuery for Absolute Beginners: The Complete Series

And last but not least we have “jQuery for Absolute beginners”.. The title pretty much sums it up. In this you will learn the essentials for using jQuery with your website.

Now you have 10 awesome web design video tutorials and resources. Get watching, and I hope they where what you were looking for..

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Author: Jake

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