10 Simple WordPress Themes

WordPress offers a wide variety of themes for their blogs. Some of which are extremely well designed, but as a designer I feel it’s always good to have some simple WordPress themes that you can quickly adjust the CSS too, for your own custom designs.

I have put together 10 simple themes for your WordPress blogs that you may want to consider using for your own projects.

NOTE: Click the images to visit the download pages for each theme

1. Nest

Nest is a very popular and a simple WordPress theme, it is actually the theme I am using for this blog until I decide to create my own. It has valid HTML 5 and CSS3 theme options and widgets supported, custom site logo, facebook and twitter links. Multi level navigation and more.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

2. Responsive

Responsive theme is a fluid grid system that adjusts your website or blog to fit on mobile devices and the desktop of other viewing environments. We have all heard of responsive web design, well this theme is ready for you. It consists of 9 page templates, 11 widget areas, 6 template layouts and more..

10 Simple WordPress Themes

3. Brightpage

Brightpage is a fixed width theme, with a right sidebar, custom background, custom header, threaded comments, full width template, custom menu and more. It’s a very basic theme but you can make any changes you need to within the CSS to make it fit your needs. If you have a site that needs a custom header Brightpage would work well for that.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

4. Platform

The platform theme is a drag and drop theme design with framework for WordPress and HTML 5.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

5. WhiteBoard

Whiteboard is an awesome theme if you need to put together a quick website for a client. It is a completely free and open source framework meaning you can do what you want with it. It’s multilingual compatible, strong and flexible div structure, cross browser compatible and more.. check out the Whiteboard website by clicking on the image below. Also there are 2 whiteboard themes on the net one is free and one costs 30 dollars don’t get confused by the two I do not believe they are associated with each other.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

6. Deux Milles Douze

Deux Milles Douze is a child theme of twenty twelve. It has just been released, but as you can see it is very simple and can be edited to look how you want it too. It is also a fully responsive theme that can be displayed on any device. Features include custom header image, custom menu and more.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

7. Convention

Convention is a fixed width theme and a full width theme. It is a very elegant and simple theme to use for your blog, change what you need in the CSS and your on your way.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

8. Clean Retina

Clean Retina is a simple, responsive and clean WordPress theme. It has an elegant design and has many customizable theme options. It includes a custom slider, social media icons, custom header, custom menu and more. Check out the Clean Retina download page by clicking the image below.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

9. elegantWhite

elegantWhite is a responsive layout theme. It has most general features, custom header, custom menu etc.. It was made by the same guy who wrote the convention theme. It’s another elegant but simple theme which is very customizable. They say it’s their best theme yet.

10 Simple WordPress Themes

10. Spun

In all honesty this isn’t really a simple theme, but I thought it was quite unique and it does look somewhat simple, it’s just different to your regular theme. It is probably aimed towards a photographers website or a portfolio site. Check it out anyway, it was written by the lady who wrote the popular themes buttercream and patchwork and was just released this month (December 2012).

10 Simple WordPress Themes

Thanks for reading, please leave your feedback below!

Author: Jake

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